Call me!

For the past 4 years I've worked for Trinity Plumbing and the owners are nice, honest people. It's a family business & I love working for them! I thought since Suzanne & I have received a lot of business (She's Got It All) from the blogging world, I'd do a little advertising for Trinity Plumbing as well!

If you need a plumber for repairs, remodels, or home improvements, call me!!
I will most likely be the one to answer your call and schedule a time to send a plumber out. I'll make sure that you receive a discount and I promise that the technician will be nice & neat, professional, and respective in your home.

Trinity's motto is "Success without moral compromise", and believe me - the owners are honest and fair people that won't take advantage of you. We won't do any work until you approve of the price, and we have a satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

Although I mean every word I said, one of the reasons I'm posting is because we had a meeting today and realized that referrals are a huge percentage of the business we get. And because we're in business, we want as much of it as possible. So - let us be your plumber! And if you mention that you heard about Trinity Plumbing from my blog, it will probably help me out a ton since I need all the money I can get right now. And don't forget, you'll get a discount too! It's a win-win for everybody!



Santa's little helpers

Auburn made this video - it's so cute! The one she did of her family is even funnier because she included Bryan with all the kids.
Merry Christmas!!


She's 50 but you can't tell...

Happy Birthday to my mom - she's the big 5-0!

I've picked a few of my favorite pictures of her and I wish I had more recent ones...

As you see, she was a cute kid & teenager. And she is still so cute after 50 years. Cute in looks & personality, and perfect in so many ways.

I'm so lucky to have her as my mom.
She is everything to me and our family. She is always there for us no matter what. She will drop whatever she is doing if she knows one of us needs help.
She was there in the room when Noah was born, and she's the one who had the barf tray all ready for me when I went into transition (is that what it's called? It's been 3 years and I can't remember!) Anyway my point is that she grosses out very easily but will still do things like that to help me when I need it!
I will never forget how helpful she was to me after Noah was born. She called me every day and asked "What can I do to help you today?" And she was Noah's babysitter 3 days a week for the first year or so of his life. That meant a lot to me that I had the best possible babysitter for him when I had to work - and now she helps me out with him again and is so sweet to him when he can be a little devil very often! It was so cute last week - she babysat him on my birthday and took him to get me a pedicure gift certificate. He was so proud to give it to me and I appreciate that for Noah's sake more than mine. He probably wouldn't have known a difference if he didn't have a gift for me, but he takes pride in giving me things that I like! (So thanks again Mom!)

My mom is a great daughter to my grandma. This past weekend we had a surprise luncheon for my mom's birthday, and we asked everyone to write a note to my mom. My grandma's note said something like this: "Vicki, whenever you're around, it's the best!" I thought that was so cute. My grandma's not the only one who thinks that - everyone loves to be around my mom. I hear that from so many people and I know it's true because I love to spend time with her too. She can be fun, spiritual, sympathetic, a good listener, honest, and every other quality that you would want in a best friend.

She's also the best wife to my dad. To spend a weekend (or more?) fishing with him = the best wife ever. This picture of her with the fish = the proudest husband ever. I know at one point he had it up in his office. It's probably still there!

My mom loves her family and loves having us all together. I love it too and I'm so glad that she shares her home with all of us that like to go there and hang out every day. I like spending time with my mom and I'm so glad that I'm able to see her or at least talk to her every day. She's such a great person and you'd never know she was 50 - until now!
I love my mom a lot & theres none other like her!


3 years old

This past weekend, I finally got Noah’s 3-year old pictures taken. Annie is seriously one of the best photographers and she’s kind of new at it. So even though she’s already so good, she’s only gonna keep getting better! I don’t love the way I look in any of the pictures, but she has more on her blog. Here’s a couple more of Noah that I love:

I know that every mother thinks her kid(s) are the cutest, but Noah really is! I think he could help me pay the bills by modeling for Gap, especially in these clothes. I saw them at Gap and about died over how cute they were. So my mom & sisters gave them to Noah for his birthday last month, among other things! I have the nicest family and the cutest kid!

Also, I want to say thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday this past weekend. I had a lot of fun spending time with my family – and Steve’s on Thursday night. His mom & I share a birthday so we celebrated by going out to dinner with all the girls. Then Friday night I went shopping with my mom & sisters. It was a lot of fun but we didn’t have enough time – so we went again Saturday and scored some cute stuff & great deals. The party continued through Sunday everyone made a great dinner AND 2 kinds of my favorite dessert. Alisse was in charge of dessert so I gave her about 5 options of my favorite things. She made pazookie which tasted PERFECT, and then my mom surprised me with another one of my favorites, scotcheroos. I love sweets!

I was spoiled by my family, Steve’s family, grandparents, friends, and co-workers. Thanks to all of you for knowing exactly what I needed right now. It was very close to a perfect weekend!


She's Got It All Christmas stuff...

I wish I had a white staircase that looked like this. I love it!! But I don't, so I'll find another cute way to display these stocking holders (assuming that's what Suzanne is giving me for my birthday)! We aren't putting these on our website but you can find them at our boutique - December 1st! E-mail us if you want any set aside for you. (customerservice@shesgotitall.net)

And these ornaments match perfectly! I'm in the mood to decorate my house now. Last year at this time it was done, so I'm actually running behind.


Hand Painted Holiday Frames

It's been a while since I blogged about one of my favorite She's Got It All items.

These frames are not on our website but you can find them this weekend at the Bella Reese Seasonal Boutique - at Higley High (see below for information). They're so so cute for Christmas, and I'm loving that it's almost that time of year.

We'll have a booth at the boutique so come find us for lots of cute holiday decor and more! CLICK ON THIS PICTURE TO READ DATE, TIME, & LOCATION.


Funny Noah Boy...

I just have to share something funny real quick. I'm sitting here at my computer reading my sisters' new posts. Noah's like a ticking time bomb when I'm on the computer and he either gets really mad or bored.

Tonight I guess he got bored and was looking for something to do. He goes, "Mom, can I pick my nose?"

I said, "No, Noah. That's gross."

Then he said, "Can I eat it?"

I guess he didn't care what my answer was to the first question.

I started laughing and he goes "What mom?"

I said "Nothing."

"Why are you laughing Mom?"

I don't know why but this conversation was so funny to me. Now he's even more mad that I'm still on the computer to blog about it, but don't worry Noah, I'm getting off. The Bachelor is starting in 5 minutes!!


Cute Halloween Pictures!

I'm showing off some pictures of Noah for each HALLOWEEN that he's been here -

2004: 10 days after he was born - he was an ASU fan, Jax was an ASU football player, Riggs was Sparky, Ellie was an ASU cheerleader, Madison (Goodman) was also an ASU cheerleader, and Bryant (Goodman) was also an ASU fan like Noah.

2005: He was the perfect age to be a monkey. I loved him in this costume, although the ears were too little for his big "heed".

2006: What's better than a cute, FREE costume? I borrowed the entire cowboy costume from Auburn. Riggs wore it when he was this age. I loved the wranglers on Noah! He didn't want to keep the bandana around his neck or the hat on his head for much of the night. I was lucky to get a semi-decent picture of him with it all on.
Daddy & Noah last year at the carnival in Steve's parents' neighborhood. He loved this little train ride, and he went again this year. I wasn't there but he told me all about the train ride that Aunt Bettina took him on. It must have been the same one.

2007: Diego (Go, Diego, Go... Vamos, Noah, Vamos)!! Ellie & Noah were cute together as Dora & Diego. They love these shows, and it was perfect because on TV, Dora & Diego are cousins just like Ellie & Noah. The hair spray paint didn't turn out exactly like Diego's - it was a little burgundy instead. But he still looked cute and loved Halloween this year. After we were done trick-or-treating, we went back to pass out candy, and Noah loved giving kids HANDFULS of candy. It was so fun to watch him be so excited to do it.

This is Ellie & Noah with Cher - or 'Sherry' as they call her. I don't even know how to explain what she is, but they don't like her very much, especially with the scary mask on.
Brad LOVES Halloween. Someday when he has kids he will love it even more, and I know it will be his kids' favorite holiday! I'm sure that every year he will dress up with his kids - probably in this superman costume. Him & his friends all dressed up as super-heros, I should have taken a picture of all of them because they looked pretty cute. At least they didn't trick-or-treat, because there were some people their age that did. Usually we reserve the smallest, cheapest candy in the bucket for those teenagers. (It shouldn't be allowed to go trick or treating if you are holding hands with your boyfriend or girlfriend!)


Worst Blogger Award Goes To....

Auburn.... but I got second place! I have had no time to post lately, my life has been


I'll do better - but right now I'm at my parent's house and I can't upload any pictures from my camera anyway.

Although I haven't posted in a while, I have been looking at everyone else's blogs - and there's so many to look at that I rarely leave comments. For that I feel guilty but I love checking up on all your blogs anyway!

I started back to work full-time the day after Noah's birthday, which is why I haven't posted since then. I just want to send out a big public THANKS to everyone who helps me out with Noah when I go to work (and other times when I need a break)! He goes to a different house everyday - I'm so lucky to have my family & Steve's to help me. Noah screams when I leave in the morning, but then he screams when I pick him up in the afternoon because he doesn't want to leave. He loves to play at Laura's, my parent's, Suzanne's, Grandma & Grandpa Hunt's, and Auburn's house. Besides all those people's houses, so many more people help out with him & I'm so thankful for you all! (Alisse, Scott, Lance, Bettina.... and I know there's more people I haven't mentioned.)

It's the season to remember all of the blessings we have, and I know that I have so much to be thankful for. I just need to remind myself of that every day!