Weekend Update

I seriously have nothing exciting to update so instead I'll clear the pictures and the latest video from my camera!

This past weekend I cleaned my house SO good, you would think I was nesting or something. Not only did I deep clean my house but I organized closets, steam cleaned my carpets, swept out my garage, vacuumed my car... for anyone still reading - I know, you're yawning. But I really do love those kinds of weekends - a clean house with vacuum lines and clean sheets on the bed is something I LOVE!

Noah kept himself entertained... I found ALL of his little cars lined up in his room for "the big race" on the race track. I got my camera out and ended up video-ing the big race.. it's cute:

Noah also kept himself entertained with my camera - he said "Mom I took pictures of my kitchen". It's funny because he made sure to take pictures of both sides of the kitchen. I don't know what he thought the purpose was, I think he was just excited to have the camera. He also took pictures of me cleaning the house and as he did so, said "Mom, make a silly face", cuz that's what I said to him when the camera was on him.

On Sunday Noah gave a talk in Primary and since he did so good, today we took a little trip to Toys R Us to get the sword I promised him. I normally don't take him out in public in his b-ball clothes but this was right after his practice today.
I hate when the weekends are over but there is one thing to look forward to on Mondays - my show! I am loving The Bachelor and it's kind of pathetic. My picks for Jason since the first show have been Molly and Melissa and I think those two are still my favorites.

So basically, nothing exciting has happened at our house except some good reality t.v. - now that's pretty sad!


Noah lately...

Noah loves coloring pictures or writing me notes like the one seen here. He is so proud when I tell him how much I love it. I thought he looked so cute this night in his jammies.
Noah is loving this race track his daddy got him for Christmas. It really is pretty cool and his cousins thought so too.
We had a sleepover at my parents' house one night with all the kids and the girls... it looks like the kids fell asleep riding a roller-coaster with their hands in the air!
I came home from work one day and Noah was riding Ellie's old bike without training wheels. Aunt Suzy taught him how. I need to get a picture of him on his yellow "big boy bike" that has since had the training wheels removed. I can't believe how quick he caught on and can ride his bike so good. On New Year's Day him & I talked about goals and he told me his goals were to 1) Learn to ride his bike, and 2) Play basketball. Well January 2nd is the day he learned to ride a bike without training wheels - so he didn't waste any time! I wish I was as good at accomplishing my goals.
Noah's goal of playing basketball didn't come as easy... at the first game he cried like a baby for the first half and wouldn't go play with his team.
He finally decided to go in at the second half, but was still a little hesitant.
He looks happy as can be here, but that's mostly because he's definatley a poser when the camera comes out.
Noah is so good at keeping his hands up in the game... even when one of his teamates have the ball! It took him some courage to get out on the court, but once he was out there he was lovin it! In the video below you can see how much fun it is to watch a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds play basketball!

Here's my latest pic of Noah. I think he had an infection in the tissues around his eye, but it's getting better now. When it looked like this I thought of him as "One-eyed Willy".


My Boyfriend's Back!

I am so excited for The Bachelor to be starting again tonight. I ♥ Jason!