This Friday Night!

Friday, October 3rd, 2008
6:00 - 8:30pm
(at my parents' house)
(if you don't know where that is...

Gear up for fall with Halloween & Fall decor, a new purse, clothing for the season, and more boutique-exclusive items including:

*She's Got It All products
*J Purses & Tees
*Denim Lovers jeans
*Jewelry by the Bead Diva
*Funky Bums - vintage tees for children
*Bling Bling hair clips

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

We will also have a benefit raffle ticket sale - several GREAT prizes means SEVERAL WINNERS!!

*All proceeds from the benefit raffle will be donated to the Christian and Stephanie Rehab fund.

We hope to see you there, even if you come just for the sake of donating money to the Nielson family.

*We will only be accepting cash & checks.

*No children please - babies are OK!


Happy Birthday ...

... to my other half!
We can finish each other's sentences, read each other's minds, start singing a song and then stop at the exact same time, ... and she's my business partner! Happy Birthday Suzanne!
(I know that when referring to your "other half" it usually means your spouse... but thanks for keeping me company Susan.)


I heart my family

The perfect Sunday night is when EVERYONE has dinner together at my parents' house. Last night we were all there. I don't know why but I thought it would be fun to snap pictures of each person when they didn't expect it. Some people caught on and posed for pictures... including me. In case you havn't met my entire familia yet, let me introduce you to everyone expect Brad who's on his mission in Brazil.






NOAH - (it's Sunday again...basketball clothes are in effect)

I really do love my family more than anything. I'm not sure they'd say the same thing about me now though! "Oopsie"

good times...

About 10 days ago I had a slumber party at my house! Well just Auburn's kids spent the night but before bedtime we definately partied!

Basketball in my family room = high stress level! I thought for sure something would end up broken. Luckily nothing did and the kids (Lance included) were loving it.

Pizza for dinner! It was just $5 Little Ceasar's but I think I still pulled off the "cool aunt" status!

Next was karaoke - and since I was videotaping - I didn't get any still shots (see Suzanne & Alisse's blogs if you really want to see any though). Suzanne did get me singing "my boyfriend's back". The funny thing about this is that before the party actually started - Riggs, Jax & I were all warming up. I was singing lots of "Grease" songs (ugly of course) and after each one I'd ask the boys if they thought I was good. They both said yes, just cuz they were trying to be nice. I guess they didn't get that I was kidding about it!Next we had milkshakes. I think Suzanne loved them more than anyone.
She's gonna kill me but I can't help myself...
Roxy opted for ice cream instead of the milkshake. Alisse also came to party with us!
Jax finished up Roxy's leftovers. He's just like me - he loves sweets!

Here's Riggs enjoying the dessert too.
On to a different topic. I have to share this story cuz I thought it was so cute. I was upstairs showering and getting ready one day and Noah was playing downstairs. When I came down, he was sleeping with his Book of Mormon laying next to him. He had gone upstairs and got it off his nightstand to read it I guess. I had to get a picture. I'm sending it to Uncle Brad cuz he will be so proud!
Noah likes to go to 'Piper Pizza' with his Hunt Family... and picks out the funniest toys with his tickets! He loves these 'Dracula' teeth. A couple of months back, he picked out a whoopie cushion and he calls it his "farter". LOL!
Typical Sunday afternoon... Noah wearing his "basketball clothes" that are way too small.

This is the funniest thing... at my mom's house, Ellie has this doll stroller that she uses as a way to transport all her toys from one end of the house to another. The other day her and Noah piled up so many things on the stroller - and I couldn't stop laughing.
I made Noah take it all back to where it came from and stuff kept falling out. If this picture is blurry it's because I was laughing too hard to keep the camera still while taking the picture.
Ha ha...
This past weekend I went with Suzanne to the Harmony Park ward retreat. Not that I'm in that ward anymore.. but I will always feel like I'm a part of it. We had the best time, from the drive up to the drive back. My mom was there too along with the funnest ladies. It was a short 24 hour trip but it was much needed. Suzanne & shared the bed in the "birdhouse" room.. and put the self-timer on our cameras to good use. During one picture Shellene walked by and we got caught taking pictures of ourselves!!

Several rooms in this 'gianormas' cabin had the theme of sunflowers.

Other rooms had animals on the wall along with axes and other 'spooky' things. Here is Mary sitting under the ax - she was hilarious and had some good ideas about filming a scary story in the cabin. Next time we go, we're taking video cameras!
This is me, Suzanne, Mary, and Shellene enjoying lunch at El Rey in Globe. We took the long way home and it was worth it. Mmmmmm! (Self timer was put to use once again.)
So that's what I've been up to over the past few weeks!



If you need a laugh... read on! (at least I thought it was funny)

This is a picture of a doggie sling that we sell on www.shesgotitall.net. It's for people who seriously spoil their little (I repeat, LITTLE) pets and treat them like a real baby.

Well on Friday I was checking our business e-mail on my lunch break... and this message was in the inbox:

"I am looking for a doggie sling like the one in your store. I have a Great Dane. What patterns do you have available? Thanks!"

I started to respond to the e-mail, not even noticing the "Great Dane" part. Then I stopped and said to my co-worker (Sherry) "do you think this is a joke..." (and then I read her the message). She was laughing so hard. In case any of you didn't know... Great Danes are HUGE!! I responded to the e-mail asking the customer how big their dog was. This was the response that I got within like 2 minutes of sending the reply:

"He's about 170 lbs. He's getting really old and it's hard to get around with him. Thanks!"

At that point I was crying tears cuz I was laughing so hard. Just imagine carrying one of these around in that sling:

I called my sisters and found out it wasn't any of them that sent the messages. I thought I knew for sure who it was by that time... someone that sits behind a computer and would totally do something like this as a joke and then respond to my message right away. So I decided to play along. Sherry came up with this reply:

"We have custom saddles available... maybe the dog could carry YOU around?"

I waited and waited for a reply... and it never came. A little bit later I asked who I thought the culprit was if he had anything to fess up to. He denied doing anything and I really don't think he did. So who sent us this e-mail? I hope it was meant as a joke (if not, oopsie for my reply!) but I am still wondering who the jokester is.

That was a good one. I still LOL about it when I think of someone trying to carry their 170-lb. Great Dane around in a sling.


in case you haven't heard...

She's Got It All is having a FALL BOUTIQUE!! Mark your calendars for Friday night, October 3rd (6 - 8:30 pm). We're gonna have a lot of fun stuff there (that can't be ordered online) ... here's a sneak peak at some of the cute Halloween decor!

Details will be posted to the event calendar soon!