Feliz Cumpleanos

Happy 26th Birthday to the one & only, Suzanne-Shirley Temple-Sherwood-Cummard. I’m so lucky to have Suzanne as my sister, and here’s only SOME of my favorite memories / things about her:
*She’s the only one of our siblings without a middle name, which is why we gave her the middle name of Shirley Temple for some reason when we were young. We like to tell her she was adopted.
* We shared a room growing up and we always stayed up so late, just laying in the dark & talking. We’d always say, "one more thing then let’s go to sleep" and we’d keep talking forever. We can still do the same even though we talk every day, there’s never enough time to tell each other every detail of what’s going on in our lives.
* Ever since high school, she has been one of my best friends. Not a lot of siblings are friends with each other in high school, but it was always fun having her around and even my friends enjoyed having her there when she’d hang out with us.
* When I got my license we both gained a little bit of weight! We loved being able to drive anywhere we wanted to get food. One time we went to Sam’s Club for my mom & picked up a whole box of rice krispie treats. We kept them in the car for ourselves and they were gone in about 2 days (or less, I'm not kidding). Another time, we were going to a family party where we didn’t want to eat the food there. So we snuck and drove through Burger King to get a "good" dinner in that night. Fatties! (Like BK is good or something)
*You can always count on her to cheer you up - just look at this picture:

*She’s a great mom to Ellie

*... and Noah (she's 'Mama Suz' when she babysits him).
*It’s our dream to own a mini-van together. We used to work opposite schedules and babysit for each other. We thought up this great idea to buy a mini-van together and on the day that one of us had the kids, that person would drive it. We wanted to get those stick-figure decals & put one on for each member of our families. Then, Auburn thought of a couple bumper stickers we could add to it. The first would say: Suz & Shae say KISS OUR ASTRO-VAN! And the other would say: We brake for Dads! You probably had to be there to think it was funny but I am laughing out loud to myself as I type right now. (We also would add a rainbow to it since us girls were sharing a car.... as if we were a couple.)

*She’s fun to have as my business partner
*She’s also my venting partner
*And my karaoke partner (God Bless the Open Road, anyone?)
*Speaking of, we make a great duo when it comes to singing - (Must Be Doin’ Somthin’ Right, anyone?)
*It’s fun to be crazy, immature, & ugly together. So many dumb things will never get old to us, because of our immaturity. But at least we have each other, not every one wants to hang out with us when certain things "get old" (California girl trips anyone?)
*She has I think 6 different jobs, the newest one being my new 'single networking' coach. She’s great at all of them, we’ll have to see how her new job works out.
*We’re one in the same - sometimes we share a brain. We're always thinking alike, saying things at the same time, dressing alike...when this happens we just say "Suz & Shae".
*Susan-isms - I’ll just give 2 of many examples: 1) She was only like 14 years old at the time, but she asked a waiter what was in a BLT sandwich. 2) Just a few months ago, we were driving past Mission Bay in California and she asked if it was a "Home-Made" lake. (She meant to say "Man-Made", but it was so funny!)
*She’s Sympathetic. In July, she was in California when some bad things happened in my life. She found out and called me sobbing, and told me she was sorry she wasn’t here. I was at work at the time but I got teary-eyed knowing that my sister cared so much about me. (Thanks sis.)
*She’s Crafty! Just look at the cutest present she put together for my baby shower. FYI, one of the gifts inside was the cutest baby book she made for Noah. I love it and I wish I had a picture of that to show. But it’s past midnight & I’m not in the mood to get my camera out.
*She's cute! Although I'm being sarcastic with the picture below, she really is so cute and dresses cute too.I know I’m leaving out a lot of good qualities & good memories of Susan, but like I said it’s past midnight. This post was for Suzanne to laugh about, what a special treat for her on her birthday. I know that other people are probably "now dumber for having read it" and I’m sorry. But this one goes out to you, Suz! I hope you have a good birthday! Love, YFS


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Hey Baby Let's Go To Vegas...

KISS THE SINGLE LIFE GOOD-BYE!our all-time favorite SUNS player, Dan Majerle.

our cute waiter!

flava-flave (is that how you would spell it?)

Surfer Boy Kelly Slater (again I don't know if that's how you spell his name)!

Our "shuttle driver" at the convention. Not that I thought he was totally cute, but just doing a little "single networking".

As some people already know, I am almost single again (nothing to be excited about, but I’m just telling so that you will understand why it was so fun to take the pictures above)! I have like 5 potential boyfriends after this last weekend { wink }. I met them all in VEGAS!
I went with my mom & 2 of my sisters, Suzanne & Alisse. The only thing that could have made the trip better is if Auburn was there, but it was a bad weekend for her to leave town. Anyway - back to the boys: Suzanne (especially) was on the lookout for me the whole weekend. She calls it "single networking". Just about every time we saw a guy or group of guys that appeared to be single & cute - or totally dorky, she would say "single network!" The funniest thing was when I got my picture taken with "flave" - she said, "can my sister get a picture with you, 'cause she’s single now".
The reason we went to Las Vegas was for the ABC (All Baby & Child) convention. It was a business trip for She’s Got It All, but it was the perfect weekend to be there. Sunday night was the MTV music video awards so there were a lot of celebrities in town to stalk out. We stayed up way too late on Saturday & Sunday night, just waiting outside of places (with our cameras in hand) for celebrities. So, now you know that I didn’t really "go out" with Dan Majerle. He was just walking by us on Saturday night & luckily my mom spotted him. He was not anyone that other people were excited about, but he was probably my favorite person to see (which is why I am loving that we got a picture of him, and I got to be right next to him). Obviously I edited the picture for my last post to make it look like him & I were just hangin out. Here are a few more pictures of celebrities, and by the way I never knew who any of them were. My sisters had to tell me everyone. But it was still fun knowing they were someone famous. I think I might need to watch more TV. By the way, Suzanne & Alisse have more pictures of people that I don’t have, so check out their blogs for more celebrity sightings!
Alisse with part of Maroon 5. This was the second night in a row that we saw them.

If anyone knows who this is, please let me know. People around us were acting like he was famouns so I took a picture, an extreme close-up on accident!

Kelly Slater with Suzanne. He was really nice and very cute!

Alisse & my mom saw "A.C. Slater" and he even shook Alisse's hand. Unfortuneately Suzanne & I missed out on him. We were busy stalking someone else at the time.

Can you see Maroon 5 in the background?

Dan Majerle & a girl from a local news station.

On Saturday night it took us over an hour to go about 2 miles on the strip. The traffic was really bad. For part of the way Flava Flave was right next to us on a scooter. At first he was trying to pass other cars, so the police were trying to tell him to stop. Then the police realized who he was and they were all shaking his hand and excited to see him. It was funny to see everyone run toward him once they saw that the cops must be talking to someone famous. It was so cool to be driving right next to someone famous although I had no idea who he was before this.

Supposedly this is some nasty guy but I still took his picture since he's a celebrity. (Seriously, why do I care?)

Sunday night my mom took us to see MAMA MIA. It was so fun and a great show. Of course we love the ABBA music now & rocked out to it on the way home in the car. Thanks again Mom!!

Just to prove that we DID actually do some business while we were there - here’s some pictures of the show and a few of our favorite things we saw there.

cute cute frames that we've ordered for our next trunk show!

Can you see that stroller contraption in the background? I could not stop laughing at it. It's a stroller with a little bike-type thing for an older child to ride on the back.

new cute colors for the table & chair sets (and other things) that we carry

And more pictures that I just have to share because they’re funny:

BORE-ING! I have to tell a quick story - as we were driving through the canyon on the way home, there were people stopped at the scenic areas, taking pictures like tourists do. We had our windows rolled down & Suzanne yelled out her window, "BORE-ING!" I am still laughing about it.

I took a million pictures of the strip the night we got there. This one was so perfect because it shows the lights AND a limo with a newly-married couple in it!

Suzanne being a tourist herself and getting her camera ready to take pictures of the strip.

We thought we could fool people in to thinking we were celebrities the first night we were there. Then the next night we saw people doing the same thing and thought they looked so stupid wearing their sunglasses indoors to try to look famous.

3 smokin-hot ladies! (If you've seen the Cox commercial you know why I'm saying that.)

Nice try Susan!

During Mamma Mia, Suzanne got busted for having her camera on! But this is a picture of her trying to sneakily get a picture of Sloth's mom in front of us. Check out her blog to see who Sloth's mom is - I'm sure she'll post it!

Alisse, I'm telling the bishop!

What the??

I promise I don't take a picture of every snuggie I see. Suzanne & Alisse had my camera for this one.

We named these girls "The Muffins". They were getting ready to go into the club.


That's a no-no Suzanne.
At the convention, we each had a ticket for 10 seconds at the money vault. We didn't even have to go door-to-door and sell cookie dough or chocolate candy to get to do this. And, since we waited until the last day to do it, our ticket was good for 2 turns! NICE!
My mom got a total of $6.00 I think. It's harder than you would think. You can't pull your hand out in between, and you can't scoop. You have to trap the money in some fingers and use the other fingers to catch money.

I got $3.00 on my first turn & $4.00 on my second turn. Having extra-large hands pays off sometimes.

Suzanne was nervous so she stuck her hands in her armpits for a few seconds. I think she got $5 total, probably because her & I are opposites and she has little hands.

Alisse tied with me at $7.00. If you look close you can see a big smile on her face, because the money vault equaled free lunch on the ride home!

Oh yeah, this was my other potential boyfriend that I met in Vegas. Cutie!