My Mom is the BEST!

I could list so many reasons why I have the best mom in the world. Today I was reminded of a few of those reasons.

My mom knows how Suzanne & I go crazy with our kids every week when we try to have our business meetings. These meetings can stretch on for hours because we get interrupted by the little angels about once every 30 seconds. So today, my mom offered to take Ellie & Noah somewhere with her during our meeting. It was so nice!

She took them to the mall to feed them lunch and let them play at the "play place", where I would never take the time to stop at the mall (in fact I try to make Noah look the other way when I pass it). She also had to deal with an "accident" Noah had in the mall. I felt so bad but my mom just laughed about it (partly because Noah told her he had a "fart in his pants").

Lastly, today my mom made cookies and saved a little bit of cookie dough for us! That was just the icing on the cake.

(I wish I had a cute recent picture of my mom with Noah but I can only find ones on my computer from when Noah was a baby.)

My mom truly is the best, and Noah thinks she's the best Grandma too. For the first year of Noah's life my mom babysat him A LOT because I worked 20 hours a week. On top of that she babysat Ellie when Suzanne was at work too, and for at least one day a week she had Ellie & Noah on the same day. That is not an easy task, let me tell you.

I will never forget how my mom called me every single day after Noah was born (probably for at least a month) and asked me "what can I do to help you today?". It made me realize how much more I should be serving people, like she does. I try to remind myself of that, especially because I know not everyone is as lucky as I am to have a great mom that lives only 3 miles away!


Double Dose of SGIA fun

I know that you are wondering why I haven't posted my favorite She's Got It All items in a while ;), so I'm making up for it with 2 items this time: 1) LAMINATED SMOCKS FOR CHILDREN; and 2) PLAY KITCHENS.

see all of them}

Ellie is such a cute little poser for these pictures

but Noah was not very happy about it.
I LOVE these new aprons for kids! They are so cute and I want all of them even though I only need one for Noah. We also have laminated bibs for toddlers in the same prints, but that's a whole different post! I love how this one Noah has on matches his kitchen (which is a grill on the other side).
Noah and Ellie both love their kitchens, and you know where you can find them ... www.shesgotitall.net!


I'm "IT"

Amber tagged me to write 7 thing about myself and then tag 7 other people to do the same, so...

1) Some people might not know that Steve is the first and only guy I have ever kissed. The first picture is us in on the night of our senior prom (old school scrapbooking!) and the second picture is one of our engagement pictures.

2) Another interesting fact about me is that I don't watch Grey's Anatomy. I think I'm the only person who doesn't. Shows Steve & I love though... The Office, The Bachelor, Desperate Housewives, Identity (it better be back!), National Bingo Night (yes we are W/T and we print out Bingo cards and play along at home - some day we're going to win $50,000), Shaq's BIG Challenge, Dateline, The Next Best Thing, The Singing Bee, Don't Forget the Lyrics (both of those last 2 are brand new and we love them!), Deal or No Deal (for when we've watched everything else on the DVR and we're bored). I'm probably leaving some shows out but we LOVE having DVR. We really did not watch that much TV until this past year when we got DVR. It is our entertainment. Instead of going out on the weekends we have loved staying home and just watching all these shows. You can't beat $22.00 a month for entertainment. The best is fast forwarding the commercials, and just about every time we do, we say "this is the best $22.00 a month we can spend".

3) I still use a caboodle that I've probably had for 15 years. I love it because it keeps all of stuff organized and when I pack for a trip all I have to do is stick the whole caboodle in my luggage and then I don't forget anything. I hope in 15 years I still have it.

4) I am a junk food junkie. I mostly love sweets but sometimes I can sit and eat a bag full of jalepeno Poore Brothers chips too. Yesterday I had 4 oreos AND a creamsicle AND 2 slurpees. I know that I will probably never ever be on a diet because I just don't have that kind of self control. I can make myself work out harder but I can't NOT EAT certain things. For instance, on fast Sundays, I think about all the food that I can't have and then when we break our fast I eat everything I had been thinking about. Dieting would be the same way for me and I would gain more by binge eating. The other night it was past 9:00 and I wanted a creamsicle so bad. I was strong and resisted the urge, but FIRST THING the next morning guess what I did? I satisfied that craving. That's not unusual for me to have JUNK for breakfast. Most people already know that about me though.

5) I get homesick way too easily. When I was young, I had a hard time spending the night at my best friend's house, across the street. I missed my family too much I think. Even still, I get homesick. On vacations I miss being home. Even on my honeymoon I cried because it was really long and I got homesick (I know, that's pretty bad). And it's not just my family I get homesick for. When we are all together on vacations, I still look forward to going HOME. And by home that could mean my house or my parents'. I spend lots of time at my parents' house, but usually all my housework is done at home so there's more to do over there. I love being with my mom & my sisters. Some people have given us a hard time for it but hey, why should it be a bad thing to spend time with people you love?!!! I think most people with sisters close in age can relate.
6) I love to be organized. I even like to organize things for other people, if I just make time for it. Noah has picked up on this trait in a way ... see below... he loves lining things up that are "alike".

7) I am really not shy. Some people who don't know me too well think I am. But just spend a few days with my sisters and I and you will see the real me. We can be crazy and sing ugly and use ugly voices and have lots of fun. What's funny is that some of these things have rubbed off on Steve and my sisters' husbands too, whether they want to admit it or not.
OK now it's my turn to tag other people - as I've blog stalked I've noticed that a lot of people on my link list have already been tagged. So, I'm tagging the following people and SORRY if you've already been tagged & I don't know it: Annie Randall, Bettina Secrist, Brittany Kelly, Brooke Brown, Holly Sparks, Michelle Yamamoto, and Amy Hamblin.



What is the significance of 7-11?

a) today's date

b) Noah's birth weight

c) Ellie's birth weight

d) free slurpee day at 7-11

e) all of the above

If you guessed e, you are correct!

I remember last year on this day we all loaded up in Auburn's Suburban to get free slurpees at a 7-11 in Gilbert. The 7-11 workers probably hate the sight of car full of people showing up on this date. Then that night we all rode bikes to another 7-11 to get more! I don't know what it is about saving about $1.00 but I am on the lookout for participating 7-11 stores again this year. I think I already missed the free ice cream cone day at Baskin Robbins & the free smoothie day at Tropical Smoothie, so I'm not missing this one too!


is made in Noah's size?


$25.00 up for grabs!

I know that people do much more blogging than they do checking out the customer rewards page of our website. So... just to let you know, we have a new contest going on right now - we want you to enter a fun & creative project idea for summertime. We want the winning entry to be a project easy enough to get kids involved. (They need something to do while school is out!!) So, click here for more information about the contest. It doesn't have to be a project that you "invented", just one that is creative & fun. Entry deadline is July 12th & the winning project idea will be posted as our next project idea. The winner will receive a $25.00 gift certificate to our store!


Just like Daddy

On Friday we were getting ready to go out to eat & Steve grabbed his Broncos hat. We were about to get in the car & Noah had to run back upstairs to get something. I knew what it would be - and sure enough he had to get HIS Broncos hat to match daddy. It was pretty cute! (If you can't tell from the picture, we went to this place on Mill called "Corleone's". We had never been, but Steve's been wanting to try it out, so we went. They have really good cheese-steaks. MMM that sounds really good right now on Fast Sunday.)