Good Times

September has been a great month! All Summer I was complaining about the fact that I didn't have any vacations planned and I really needed one. Sounds bratty, I know. Well in the past few weeks I have been to California TWICE!!! It definately made up for the boring summertime!

First, Family Feud flew us to Hollywood and we enjoyed a fun weekend with the girls in my family (plus Cassady and my handy brother-in-law Scott that drove us around town like a professional chauffer). We're not allowed to reveal any results until the show airs in May so you'll have to be in suspense for 8 months! Don't even ask!

I didn't get any other good pictures of our fun trip but lots of good memories were made and luckily some of my sisters captured them on camera.


The very next weekend, I flew back to Long Beach with my bf (I feel too much like a teenager when I say the actual word 'boyfriend'). Russ's sister Megan lives there (lucky girl!) so we made a visit and did a-whole-lotta fun things while we were there...

*On the Huntington Pier after enjoying 9 different flavors of gelato with Collin. (Yeah, we got 3 flavors each - so what? We like sweets.)

*We got pedicures. This was Russ's first and he loved it, even though he was on the lookout the whole time for any guy that would walk past the window and see him inside with all the ladies. I loved it too. Pedicures are worth every penny to me.

*We went to Knotts' Berry Farm with Megan (not pictured), her husband Matthew, and their kids. I love Matthew's face in this pic. He held it like that for quite awhile at it was hilarious!

*We got to play with these cute girls, Blake and Collin.

*Megan & Russ before we left town. These 2 are pretty funny together. You just gotta think about everything you say before you say it. If not you'll see them start to giggle.

*Megan was the BEST hostess. Friends for life! ;)

*Russ and I going back home. :( Back to life, back to reality.
So - I get embarrassed to ask people to take pics if I don't know them. But I did it anyway - and after handing my camera to the girl sitting across from us on the plane, Russ says "It's our honeymoon" and the people around us say "AWE!!" . Then it was quiet and Russ says "Just kidding it's not." I think him and I were the only ones laughing. Pretty funny if you ask me though. Maybe you had to be there.
Some other highlights that I didn't get pictures of....
*People watching at the airport.
*In & Out Burger at 10pm... no better way to start off a vacation.
*Supreme Scream 7 times with Megan and Russ...... " :I that was so fun, I'm going again with or without you guys."
*Hearing Megan "freak out" on the water ride.
*No lines (for the most part) at KBF... perfect time of year to go.
*Laughing so hard that I had to cover my face cuz it was "the ugly laugh"
*Watching a replay video of us on a ride and noticing that Russ was by himself, yet supposedly carrying on a conversation with an imaginary friend. Hahahaha I can't wipe this smile off my face when I think of that. How I wish there was some way to get a copy of that video (without paying big bucks for it).
*Eating cupcakes late at night. Fatty town! And worth every bite.
*The yummy BBQ put on by Russ, Megan & Matthew (was this trip all about food for me or what?)
* "Get up and make your girlfriend breakfast in bed for once." (Hahaha thank you Megan! And thank you Russ. I could get used to that.)
*Holding a 6-week old baby on and off for 3 consecutive days. It's been too long!
(OK I know that was long and boring, I did it all for you, Megan.)
There's so much more that I didn't document. I can't wait to do it again!!