New Family + (almost) New Year = New Blog

It's not just "Shalae & Noah" in our family anymore. I created a new blog! Here's the URL:


It's Christmas-time around here!

I opened up this cute little box a few nights ago... it was like Christmas! This is what was inside:
I love it!! Of course I said yes to this handsome guy:
We're hanging up some new stockings this year and that makes me really happy.
We're getting married before Christmas and ending 2009 as "The Price Family"!


Birthday Kids

These cute kids both have October birthdays... both just turned 5! We love Sophie, she's Russ's daughter and Noah's same age if you can believe it...

This past weekend we took the birthday kids to the Arizona State Fair. They LOVED it if you can't tell by the looks on their faces...

Sunday night we celebrated their birthdays with my family...

And a few nights ago we celebrated Sophie's birthday at the park. What a cute birthday girl, she was so excited about her presents that she was squealing!

I can't believe my Noah boy is 5 years old! Where has the time gone? He has been such a blessing to me and I LOVE him! We love Sophie too... it's crazy that her and Noah are just one week apart. It's been a fun week of celebrations and lots of cupcakes!

Cabin Trip

A few weekends ago we took a trip to the Price's cabin. It was a perfect little getaway!

From left to right: Noah, Sophie, Kaitlyn, & Tayler.

The girls found these thingies when we stopped for a lunch picnic. We thought they looked like a mix of corn dogs / frozen bananas / toasted marshmellows!
Russ & the kids
We went to Sunrise and rode the chair lift... here we are at the top!
These 3 crazies wanted a second ride, so that's what they did. I thought it was WAY too cold for that!
Another view from the top
The fun at Sunrise made for some tired kids on the way back...

That night was the funnest... we all got our jammies on and just hung out in the cabin!

Kaitlyn and her creative mind cracks me up! She was pretending to be a train conductor and wanted to take Russ and I to a place called "lovebird land" on her train. Here, she is showing us a "map" of lovebird land and asking us "do you happen to have any kids? Cuz over here is a place called kid land". LOL! I loved it.
Sophie just bein cute!
Russ snuggling up! He thought I was kidding when I said I was blogging this picture. Oops!
Noah lovin life @ the cabin
Russ got the fire going and roasted some marshmellows for us. We had smores and the kids played the Wii.... my kind of a night!
The next day before we left, everyone took turns on the tire swing.

We were all sad to head back home. I can't wait to go back!