NieNie Day

As most of you blog readers already know, today is Nie Nie Day.

My talented cousin Summer has a great deal going on until Sunday - to benefit the Nielson family.

Summer will design you a background and header for your blog - (or just one or the other) for ONLY $5 (and it all goes to charity).

Click HERE for more info!

Here's a sample of some of Summer's work - she is so good!

I'm definately getting a header made for my blog, I just need to decide what it should say. "Shalae & Noah" is so boring!


CUTE t-shirts!

Now available from She's Got It All...

I LOVE these t-shirts! Click here to order!

P.S. - they're cute on girls too!


seriously SO funny...

I know I'm a little behind on discovering this blog, but it SERIOUSLY makes me LOL.

What's funny is that when I read about the life of "TAMN" I think to myself that my blog is so typical of her pretend life. For instance, I've posted all about my "cutest son in the world" AND not only that, but uploaded pictures of my latest scrapbook pages / crafts I've done.

Oh well, I guess I'm a typical "Mormon Mom"! If you haven't seen TAMN's blog, you have to check it out, it's hilarious.


On any given Sunday afternoon...

Noah can be seen wearing his basketball clothes (that are by the way, 2 sizes too small). On the ride home from church, every single time, he asks me if he can wear basketball clothes, and what can he eat for lunch? It's always a hard decision whether he wants a pot pie, spaghettios, or a corn dog.
Today was extra special because we found some shoes from Auburn's boys that fit Noah right now, so he got to wear new shoes AND basketball clothes. He loves Sunday afternoons since I let him dress himself and pick out what he eats for lunch. He is so funny!


August so far...

it started out with my favorite - GIRLS' NIGHT OUT. We ate out at Johnny Rocket's, then we shopped, then saw "Mama Mia". It was so much fun, and even Ellie Girl got to hang out with us. I loved the movie and even more I loved hanging out with my best friends in the world! Dinner was hilarious, we were doing anything we could to get more milk-shakes (for free) when our child-size shakes were gone. Mmm, they were so good. The best was when Auburn asked the waiter if something was burning (it really did smell like it) and we thought that would get the manager to ask what they could do to make it up to us (we would have had a quick answer - more shakes!) The workers knew what we were up to and our plan failed (dang it). I think it's one of those "you had to be there" stories.

Imitating the girls who thought they were hot stuff at the beach...
Oopsie, I cut Alisse out of that first one.

Ellie & Noah are a crack-up. They wrote these letters to Brad and said they were going to mail them to him... so they walked out to the mailbox and put them in, hoping the mailman/lady would know where to deliver them to even though they weren't in envelopes.

The kids miss Brad but love the sticker chart with his picture on it.

Taking all the kids to Stapley Pool was fun too.
This picture is typical of Noah - he's all talk about doing scary things but when it comes down to it, he just can't. He must have walked to the edge of the diving board 3 or 4 times, and turned around every single time. But don't worry, I went off and it was a blast. But next time I need to wear a speedo brand swimsuit that stays up when you hit the water.
I wish I had Noah's brown skin - he's so lucky.

We were all so tired by the end of the day.

Last weekend was great too - Suzanne, Jennifer, & I got some scrapbooking / projects done. And who took this picture of us? Oh, Jennifer showed me that I had a self-timer setting on my camera. That alone made my night. It was so fun to set the camera, run to our seat, pose like we were getting important stuff done.... notice we're all laughing in this picture. But if you're a blogger - you KNOW that you have to get a picture to document anything important that you do so you can blog about it. Nobody else in the house was awake still to take a picture of us. Since I'm the only adult in my house most of the time, this self-timer setting is going to come in handy!! (just kidding)
Well I don't have much to show for 6 hours of scrapbooking, but keep in mind that some of the time was spent eating Costa Vida (yummy), talking about who knows what (actually Jennifer & Suzanne, you KNOW exactly what we talked about most of the time), staring at all my pictures and figuring out what to do...

Yes, the next 2 pages are all I got done that whole night - pretty pathetic but I actually like how they turned out. (Thanks to Angie for the inspiration on the first page!)

Finally, here's some random pictures of Noah from the past few days...

Some day he is going to kill me for putting pictures like this on my blog, but every time he dresses up I have to take a picture.

In this picture he's running away because he's too embarrased to pose for another picture.
With long hair he might pass for a girl in this one.
And... he's running away again. He loves dressing up but at the same time, knows to be embarrased that he's dressed like a girl. Especially when there's other guys around the house.
I love when he sleeps holding on to something, it's so cute.
Is he a fireman or a policeman? I just took this one as I was doing this post - he's keeping himself entertained!

We're excited for more fun this weekend - we get to celebrate 2 birthdays in my family - Happy Birthday Dad & Bryan!


Free Pets

Only because I need to post something new...

When you work in an office all day, sometimes you need some excitement. Last week my co-worker forwarded me this e-mail about “free cats”. Since I couldn’t stop laughing at the pictures (but I hate forwarding e-mails), I just attached pictures randomly to e-mails I sent out during the day. I guess it’s because I was bored, but sending people the pictures was lots of fun. Oh yeah, sending one of the pictures by fax to Alisse was also fun.

Anyone want a free kitty?

One victim that received my cat attachemt sent this one back to me. It's seriously scary!

The funniest thing about this is that Auburn got my e-mail with the cat pictures and she replied with this sad but HILARIOUS story:

I am crying -laughing bcuz I told my boys that someone is giving free kittens away and asked if we should get one. They all said "yeah," so I told them to come pick out which one they would like. I could not keep a straight face as they were walking into the computer (all excited). When I started scrolling down, after the 1st one, Jax goes, "no." In a serious voice like he would pass on the first one, but let's see the next. I can't even write this e-mail cuz tears are streaming down my face laughing!!! After the next one they just looked at me all confused, like "Are you serious?" You had to be here bcuz now my stomach hurts and I can't stop laughing!!!

So then when I got Auburn's reply, I couldn't stop laughing at work. You know when you think of something that you can't keep a straight face about, and you're afraid everyone around you thinks you're crazy? That was me. Nobody knew what I was laughing about behind my desk, but I couldn't stop - I even had tears.

*Ellie likes to make the same face as the cat in the 2nd picture.
*Noah wants the cat in the 4th picture as his pet.
*All I have to do is look at the cat in the hoodie, and I can't help but laugh out loud. It's so ugly!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!