3 years ago today...

was probably the best day of my life. My little Noah Boy was born.

The first year flew by and we had his first birthday party at the park:

Of course the next year again went too fast. On his second birthday we took him to the Arizona State Fair and he LOVED it! If you click on the picture to make it bigger you might be able to see the biggest smile on his face (orange outline). I think he's gonna like roller coasters!
His "backetball hoop" was the first thing we gave him when he woke up that morning. He was so happy!
This is him at 2:
{The cutest boy in the whole world.}

Now, where has the time gone? Today is his third birthday, and I can still remember being at the hospital with him inside, like it was yesterday! Now I have this little man who has become my best friend. He definately has his moments, but he makes every day happy for me. I am so thankful to be the mom of this little 3-year-old, bushy eye-brow'd (but still handsome) kid!


Halloween & Fall Decor!

I love these candles. They're plastic (but not cheap looking) and they flicker like they're real!

We had our fall party last weekend and we still have some Halloween & Fall Decor left over. (Click here to see more not seen here). Let us know if you want anything by e-mailing us at customerservice@shesgotitall.net. Remember that prices will be a little cheaper than what you see on the website!


It's October!

I can't believe it's already October - and the weather is actually nice now! (In fact last night I was so cold I turned the heater on in my car.)

It was date night for Noah & I last night. We went to a pumpkin patch and it was a lot of fun to see him be so excited about everything. This was the coolest pumpkin patch I've been to. (Mother Nature's Farm on Baseline & Harris)

Noah helped me pick out 3 little pumpkins for a project I had planned for him & I to do together.

There was a little cage full of chicks that you could actually buy. Noah sat down & just watched them until I made him leave since I was so cold! (The picture's a little dark.)

We came home and cuddled on our couch after getting ready for bed, and caught up on some shows I had recorded & not watched yet. (Which is why I called it our 'date night'.) I'm so glad I have Noah to stay up late with me and hang out to keep me company. It's such a blessing for me to have him as my boy.

This is the project we did this morning during General Conference. He was my big helper and I love the way the pumpkins turned out.

I have these pastry stands (click here to see more!) and for every holiday I like to fill them with something festive. There are glass domes that cover the top of each but I'm leaving them off for this fall decoration. Thanks Suzanne for posting the instructions on our website and giving me the idea for this cute Halloween & Thanksgiving decor!

If you would like to make some of your own, click here for Suzanne's instructions! (I used embossing powder on mine since I couldn't find cute colors of fine glitter.)

P.S. Check out our project ideas frequently because we usually post a new one about every 4-6 weeks. (I shouldn't say we - it's usually Suzanne that does it. "Nice work sis"!!)



We have a "website links" page on our website where we have links to some of our favorite websites. They're worth checking out if you haven't already...

The newest one I added is called Sweet Ivy Designs. I love it!

The Christmas cards are not up on their website yet, but you'll have to remember them when you're ready to order Christmas cards. By how cute the baby announcements are, I can only imagine what the Holiday cards will look like. Here are a few of my favorite baby announcements: