Christmas 2007

Christmas is over, and it's bitter sweet. I always hate when it's over but this year to be honest, I was looking forward to the Christmas season passing.

To start it off, we received a package at our door one night from "The Secret Elves". Here's Noah holding up some of the items from the package. I don't know who left it, but if it's someone reading this, THANK YOU!! It was exciting to find that by our doorstep and we've been enjoying the hot chocolate and all the other goodies. The package contained a book full of Christmas stories that we read every night. It helped to bring the spirit of Christmas into our home, and I'm sure it will for many years to come. We also had a secret santa who did the 12 days of Christmas to us - that was such a fun treat to look forward to every night. I'm one who loves surprises, so I never tried to peek and find out who it was. In fact, sometimes when the doorbell rang, I'd purposely wait a few seconds to give the secret person time to get away! But again, if someone reading this was our secret santa, you don't know how much it meant to us. We received so many gifts that were personalized just for us. If it really wasn't my family, it was someone else who either knows a lot about us, or found out a lot about us from my family. One of the nights, we got home from wherever we were, and Noah goes, "Mom, let's look by the front door". He loved it and so did I!

We had the Hunt Christmas party at Laura's house this year and it was so much fun for all the kids! They did a book exchange and Noah got a cute book that we've read a couple of times.

Noah ripping open his book:
Devyn playing with a new toy: (she is the cutest thing!)
Grandma Brown gave Noah a "Mater" pillow and he loves it!

John & Natalie's twins are at such a cute age. I loved their outfits that night:
Noah ripping open his big present from Grandma & Grandpa Hunt (a pogo stick):
Noah sleeping with his Mater pillow:
Christmas Eve, we left some cookies out for Santa and Noah made a "picture" of stickers for Steve.Christmas morning was a fun one. Steve was able to be here and Noah popped up to the sound of his voice that morning. I thought it was really cute how he immediately rolled over to give him loves:

He was up late with me the night before but happy as ever that Daddy was there the next morning. The first thing he told him was that we made cookies for Santa.
Looks like Santa came afterall. I had threatened Noah many many times on Christmas Eve that Santa probably wouldn't come to our house that night. In fact I "called him on the phone" and told him not to come. But he must love Noah a lot!
The pirate ship seen below took quite awile for me to put together (after Santa dropped it off). I'll let it slide this time, but Santa's elves were slackin this year and next year better be different! Noah didn't know how to act with all the fun stuff Santa left. It was funny - after he emptied his stocking, he moved over to mine. I'm not sure what was going through his head about that one being empty!
The Christmas Day festivities with my family are always my favorite! Brad's the only left at home and since he got his mission call less than a week ago, there wasn't much for Santa to bring him this year. But he definately loved his new BRAZIL shirt and was wearing it proudly the rest of the day!

Stockings are always a fun tradition that my parents have kept up even though we're all grown. They always fill them with meaningful & exciting treats for us. This year that included some ASU gear - since we'll all be at the game tomorrow night!! The devil ears were pretty fitting for Noah yesterday afternoon - I'm sure that everyone in my family will agree with that!!
All the girls on Christmas Day. When Suzanne & I saw each other we were cracking up because we were matching exactly. Both of us had on brown shirts with aqua underneath. And I have never worn these 2 shirts together before. Then, Alisse showed up with the same exact thing on as Suzanne, except black instead of brown. We all share a brain sometimes. We were anxiously waiting for Auburn to show up to see if she would be matching too. Obviously not - but her shirt was so dang cute. Bryan did a good job shopping for her!
Christmas night is always so fun for kids because they gather up all their new toys and have plenty to do. As Noah was playing with everything, I tried on some new clothes & pajamas that "he" (my mom) got me. I was in pure heaven with my new pajamas and slippers. I love them. I kept on telling Noah how much I loved them and he would say "You're Welcome". They are Victoria's Secret flannel pajamas - but one time when I was talking about how much I loved them, he goes, "I got them at Wal-Mart". (I think we spend a little too much time there.) Speaking of my new pj's, I'll have to show a picture of them - but they have donuts all over them. What's funny is that 2 years ago, I picked out the ice cream flannel pj's from V.S. Last year, I picked out candy flannel pj's from V.S., and this year, the donuts would have for sure been my first pick! I'm a real healthy eater!
One of Noah's gifts from Santa was a treasure chest full of BOY dress up clothes (and I say BOY because he loves playing dress up with Ellie's treasure chest full of PRINCESS dress up clothes). Last night I asked him what toy he wanted to take to Suzy's since she'd be the one watching him today. First he picked out the pirate ship, but I had to say no to that one. There were too many little parts that I put together, to have any of them get lost the day after Christmas. His second choice was the treasure chest. He said he wanted to dress up in the police clothes and "take Ellie to jail". It ends up that Ellie is wearing the police clothes in the picture, and Noah is wearing the Fireman clothes. Suzanne said that Ellie reminded her of "Reno 911". I haven't watched that so I'm not sure what she meant, but she was laughing pretty hard.

So that sums up our Christmas and now I feel like I am caught up on blogging for a little while - that was such a long post! Thank you to everyone who made this Christmas season special for us. You know who you are, and we love you so much!!


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The man of the house

Noah has done some funny things lately. About a week ago there was a huge spider on my couch. I hate bugs more than anything, so I was freaking out. Noah was calm about it and said, "Mom, I can smash it with my shoe". Such a man! A few days ago, I found a (dead) scorpion at my house when Suzanne was here with me, but Noah wasn't. The next day I told him about it and he said "were you scared?" It's funny that a 3-year old is asking his mom that!

Another manly thing he does is trash duty! When it's time to gather up the trash, he wants to be the one to pour the trash into the bag. Last week he told me he could put new bags in the trash can. I said "OK" but I figured that when he was done, I'd fix it when he wasn't looking. I was so surprised to find the bags put in the trash cans correctly, with the top folded over & everything. Now that's what I call picking up the slack around here.

Today must have been a tiring day at the office for the man of the house.


Why I love Christmas time...

One of the best things about Christmas time is using the threat, "Santa won't bring you any presents if you keep acting like that". Last night we went to my parents' (& Suzanne & Lance's) ward Christmas party. Santa came - and this is Ellie & Noah's reaction to his appearance. I hope Santa was telling Noah "you better be a good boy".
I love this picture because it looks old-fashioned for some reason.
And isn't this picture so cute too?
Sadly enough, not too long after sitting on Santa's lap, Noah yelled, "Shut up!" and then "Stupid!" I have no idea where he learned that and it was the first time I'd heard him say shut up. The nice thing was that I just pointed over to Santa & said "He's watching you"! Today I sacrificed a much needed nap to finish decorating my house for the Christmas season. I love it!
I know, some of my decorations are cheesy - but just as a follow up to a previous post, Suzanne DID give me some stocking holders for my birthday & I love them! ( It's even Christmas time on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode that we recorded last year at this time.)
I remember last year when I took down the decorations after Christmas, this one seen below was the hardest to put away. It had worked so well as a threat, and hopefully is does again this year too. There are 'NICE' magnets & also 'NAUGHTY' magnets. All I have to do when Noah doesn't obey - is put both naughty magnets on his name. And he knows what that means! And {usually} he'll start minding me.