Happy {late} birthday Roxy!

The day Roxy was born was so fun. We were all prepared to visit her with our Roxy shirts on. She turned 2 yesterday!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of "Rock-a-Doodle"...

(terrified of Santa)

I love you Roxy girl!


random post

Last night I was headed downstairs and this is what I found: He couldn't make it one more step! I get so sad on nights like this because we didn't get to do our nightly routine. Going to bed is my favorite time of day because I get to read and pray with Noah then cuddle with him - not to mention kiss his cheeks until they're chapped.
. . . . . . . . . .
I guess the girls in my family aren't the only ones who think alike... Lance & Bryan showed up to Jax & Riggs's baseball games Friday night with the exact same outfit on - brown shorts & white collared shirts. (Told you this was a random post - but I had to get a picture!)
Speaking of the baseball games - Riggs was put in as pitcher. It was hard to get a good picture - but he has the form down perfect (he has since he was a toddler though).

In other random news - Sunday night was our "last supper" and FHE with Brad. He leaves tomorrow morning and we will all miss him - especially the kids - well, actually my mom will the most. I don't think the kids really understand how long 2 years is - but Noah does know that he will be 5 when Brad gets home.


It's Ba-ack!

Last night was a rerun marathon of The Office, and I could watch every episode over & over again. I forgot about what I've been missing for the last several months. I laughed OUT LOUD so many times, and Noah kept saying, "What mom?"

Every single character is hilarious - here are some of my favorite parts from last night:

As my family knows, Stanley is my favorite for some reason. He is always so bugged by everyone. I loved when Michael was talking about all the things he would miss about Stanley - and when he said "His Smile", this is the face Stanley was making. Michael also talked about his "big butt, even bigger heart".

Phyllis said she couldn't pop her popcorn in the kitchen microwave because it "smelled like popcorn".

"Hey, hey, you, you - I don't like your boyfriend.... 'cause he sucks at ping pong".

Creed is another one my favorites because he's always doing something odd in the background. The way he was singing and dancing to the song they were rehearsing for the commercial made me laugh so hard.

"I kind of know what it's like to star in commercials. When I was in high school, I did a great impression of the kool-aid man."

Poor Toby - in every episode, Micheal makes it clear that he doesn't like him. They way he talks is really annoying though. It was so sad but so funny when Michael pushed his tray over, after Toby was sympathizing with him and trying to make him feel better.

Everything that comes out of Michael's mouth is funny but the best was when he was being "survivor man" and started yelling random things that he thought nobody would hear. "Jan has....."

Next week - new episodes start. I can't wait!!! Is this not the best t.v. show of all time?

Who knew...

that Superstition Springs Mall had a new DOUBLE DECKER carousel? I took the kids to the mall last Saturday night and they were so excited about it!

Just not that long ago, I took Noah on the original carousel and the worker was so mean! She told me I couldn't sit on the horse next to Noah since I didn't pay for ME to ride. I could only stand next to him. I actually thought it was really funny.

Now, it costs $3 for 1 token to ride the new one, or $5 for 2 tokens - holy cow! It was the last ride of the night and all I had was 3 dollar bills. Luckily, the worker was much nicer and she let me, Ellie, & Noah all on for free. I was trying to take pictures of the kids after the carousel had started and it was seriously like that ride at carnivals where you stand against the side as it spins around. I was so dizzy up there on the top deck. Ellie & Noah loved it though!

Ellie got to spend the night with Noah that night and both of them were in heaven. Noah was most excited to take Ellie to church with us - "Ellie, you get to meet Josh & Dani" (his Sunbeam teachers). When it was time for Ellie to go home the next day, she said "Shalae, I love spending the night at your house. I wish I could again." I said, "Ellie, you can spend the night with us again sometime." She goes, "I wish I could for one whole week!"
We had a fun weekend and we're ready for this next one!


10am snack time



Thanks a lot, Bettina! I tried the personal sized graham craker crusts with yogurt - like you told me about, but that was a little too healthy for me. The Banana Cream Pie pudding is soooo good and it's like I have my own little pie for a morning snack.

When I'm bored at work, I like to set times throughout the day to eat snacks - it gives me something to look forward to! It's like my 10am smoke break but instead of going outside, I sit at my desk and enjoy every calorie! If anyone has noticed my clothes being a little tighter, this is partly to blame.