Time to clear my camera

In no certain order, I'm just clearing pictures off my camera.
{Kind of a boring post!}

Laura made some window treatments for my bedroom... I love them!

I just thought Noah looked cute this day before church.

Auburn's family got a kitten... her name is "Hallie Cat". The kids LOVE her! I think Jaxen is Hallie's favorite - today I was at their house and Jax is always the one holding her. Roxy is the kitty's "mama" though.

Noah has to wear socks to the kids' zone at the gym... so on our way there he said "Mom look at my feet... it's like Brad when he mows the lawn". LOL, cuz it's true! I was surprised that Noah remembers that - Brad's been gone for almost 15 months.
Ellie was a cutie with her tall socks and shoes too. Oh yeah both kids' hair looked awesome that day! ;)
A few months ago Noah was introduced to the movie "The Sandlot". So this is his new way to dress after church on Sunday (only when he behaves at church though). He's "Benny". He likes to run with his shirt flying open and ask me if he looks like Benny when he runs.
Imagine the voice of Andy Anderson when I say we're mmmmmatching in our jammies at Grandma Riggs's house. Noah was so proud!
And this picture here makes me pretty proud... that's my boy falling asleep to a game of sudoku!

I don't know where he got it - but Noah loves to line things up. This was his idea of how to set up Monopoly. He's even lining the dice up perfectly in this pic.

That's it, nothing exciting but I feel a little more caught up on journaling what these pictures are all about.

Food journal

I had to print out a 30-day history of my bank statements… sometimes I wonder what the people reviewing my statements must think of me when they see all these food places on my statement. Just about every other purchase was at some food establishment! (And I know that sometimes I used cash at these same places within the last 30 days so this doesn't even include it all)…

tropical smoothie
del taco
tropical smoothie
ocean blue
jersey mike’s

It’s kind of funny though. I could put a copy of my bank statements in my journal and it would tell my future grandkids a lot about me.


Majerle Flashback

More pics I found in "the box" ... all of Majerle Dog for today's edition of Flashback Friday.

Believe it or not, Majerle isn't being nasty in this pic... he just couldn't resist to catch a ride anytime the kids went "ridin that pony". (This is Ellie as a baby.)
I don't know what's better, Suzanne and Majerle jammin to the radio on the bed - or the posters from Teen (or Bop) magazine on the walls. I'm guessing the posters are of Jonathon Taylor Thomas.

Poor Majerle - he put up with so much from us!

Riding the pony with Riggs - this was about 9-10 years ago.

Classic pic of Majerle... after he went garbage picking, found a chicken bone, took it under the bed to hide from us while eating it, and then growling (a seriously evil growl) when we'd lift up the bedskirt and catch him in the act.
Majerle died about 3.5 years ago and we miss him. RIP Mar Dog!
(And you too Michael Jackson.)


Flashback Friday

(a day late - it's Saturday already!)

About 4.5 years ago... the grandkids of my family before Roxy came along:
The saddest thing about this picture is that it was the best one of all the different shots that were taken. Riggs and Jax look cute but I won't even start on Ellie and Noah!!!!!!!


G-ma's house

Sometimes Noah & I "granny-sit" and sleep over at Grandma Riggs's house. This last weekend we had a little fun after Grandma went to bed.

I've always thought her hydraulic chair was funny because of the way it looks when it's in the highest position (to my mom/sisters - kind of reminds me of the Wal-Mart greeter's shoes). Noah loves the chair. It's his second favorite toy at her house, the fart machine takes first place though. All you do is push the remote and the chair lifts you up.

The series of pictures is like watching a video...

1. Chair in the down position

2. On it's way up

3. Getting higher...

4. Then it spits you out. I can't not laugh when I look at this pic. Imagine if it really spit grannies out!

5. The landing - just look at the back side of the chair up in the air. I don't know why that's so funny to me but I am LOL by myself right now.