Springtime means...


The Easter Bunny found our house and left Noah some goodies!
Us before church - we had a great program and I especially loved the music. I am so thankful for the Easter season and what it's really all about.

We had a family party after church and as you can see Noah participated in the egg hunt... but only has like 3 eggs in his basket.

It's because he was more interested in this thing (and pulling the basket in the trailer).

*The ZOO! The orangatans are really the only animals I care to see when I go there. Friday we went to the zoo and it was probably the last day of perfect weather to be there. We lucked out!

*T-Ball / Baseball / Softball Noah's doing great at t-ball. Go #24!

Noah's not the only homerun hitter in town...
And look how cute... yesterday all 3 boys had a game at the same time and I had to get a picture of them all in their uniforms! Riggs and Jax are also doing awesome in baseball!