Cute new products

Yes, She's Got It All is still in business. Suzanne and I have just been busy with other stuff and haven't advertised a lot lately. But look at the cutest new laminated smocks and bibs we've added to our site:

We've got more new items to add still but I just had to put pictures of these on my blogs. If I had a baby girl she for sure would have this last bib seen above. I LOVE it!

To see the collection of laminated smocks (and cute aprons for adults too).... click here.

For bibs, click here.


flashback friday

riggs and jax through the ages

I love the mischievious face riggs is making

cutest cowboy and indian duo!

I love this pic of them

cute cute boys


My "future missionary"

Noah's had this suit hanging in his closet for a few months now and I finally got him some black shoes so he could wear it to church. He looked so handsome - I think I told him that about 50 times on Sunday.
Saturday night he asked if he could ride his bike to church the next day, since "that's what missionaries do". LOL!
He's growing up way too fast. I can already picture him as a 19 year old boy leaving for his mission. I'm dreading it already although it will of course be a happy time too.


Dan Majerle...

... might as well be part of our family now. He keeps showing up in our pics.

Last night some of the boys in my family went to a D-Backs game together. I guess they were sitting by my boyfriend so Bryan caught a picture of the kids with him.
I had to ask Scott if they told Dan "We're the husbands / kids of the girls who met you a couple of years ago and told you they named their dog after you".
I still remember how excited I was that he had his arm around me!!!