Yes, I updated my music playlist.

And yes, I added the new NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK song (Summertime). I like it!

For my cousin, Raine - I also added "Tonight" by NKOTB. I have it on my ipod and think of you every time I listen to it (which is often). I also think of the time Auburn & I called the radio station one million times in one day to request it. That was probably like 15 years ago (or more), and I still love that song.


Secret Santa, whoever you are... THANK YOU!!

For Christmas, **SOMEBODY** did the 12 days of Christmas to Noah & I. It was so much fun. The grand finale gift at the end was an IPOD NANO. I can't even say how much I LOVE IT!

Working out is much easier and funner to do now. While I'm at it - I have to also say thanks to my brother-in-law LANCE! Before Mother's Day, he told me what he was getting for Suzanne. When he told me he was getting her an armband for her ipod, I was so jealous! So - being such a thoughtful guy, he gave me one on Mother's Day too. And I love it of course.



Noah Girl & Tweety Bird

2 random thoughts...

1) If I had a girl, this is what she'd look like: 2) You know you're obsessed with tweety bird when...
you buy a new car to match your collection.


My vote

I'm into this season of the Bachelorette. I didn't think I would be - because as I watched the first episode, I didn't think any of the guys were cute. But they've grown on me. Deanna already kicked off my favorite - not that I got to see much of his personality, but I thought he was the cutest.

{CHRIS}- much cuter on the show than he is in this picture.
(My mom suggested that we take a trip to Dallas Texas to find him.)

From who's left - these are my votes from what I've seen so far:

{JASON} - He has a 3-year old son, but hey - that's not a bad thing!! (I would know)

{GRAHAM} - this isn't a great picture of him either, but he's cute on the show.

So, not that my vote matters, but I love reality shows like this and I can't wait to see who Deanna ends up with!