Long time, no post!

(My excuse is that we've been having too much fun...)

*Ellie spent the night with us on her birthday eve... ...so I got to tell her about the day she was born when she woke up the next morning - and then doll her up! She's the cutest 5-year old girl I know!

*Noah got to play with some goats...
...and take some quad rides when we met Conley's family.

Oh yeah did I mention who Conley was? Ha ha how could I forget to introduce him to my blogger friends? I'll admit that he's the reason I haven't "had time" to update my blog!

*We attended Ellie's birthday party where a bunch of girls (and Noah) got to rotate through 5 stations of hair, make up, nails, crafts, and decorating cupcakes. It was fun and I was in charge of the "craft" table. It was a fun day! The party was a red-carpet event with all these princesses... ...so Noah was needed as security! "STAY BEHIND THIS LINE LADIES!"

(At the hair station Noah got some blue gel put in his hair.)
Look how cute all these girls (and officer Noah) were!

*This past weekend we took a little trip to Pinetop. This is what was going on in the backseat...
...and this in the front. It was such a fun weekend to have nowhere to be and just hang out.
We just played baseball...
...met some of Conley's friends...
...and golfed (well actually all I did was watch and shiver... I was freezing)! Even Noah met a new (girl)friend! She's so cute!

My box full of items to destroy is finally out of my house, thanks to the professional fire-builder.

Taking a nap was AWESOME!! I would have felt like I wasted so much time doing that at home! Obviously Noah & Conley enjoyed a nap too!

So that's just some of the highlights from the month of March. It's been fun!


California Girls Trip!

Last weekend we took a trip to Newport Beach with most of the girls in the Riggs family. From the second we leave home and start the road trip, we have so much fun. I swear, the car ride is one of the funnest parts of it all. We played some i-pod "name that tune"...
... and danced...
... "If You Wanna Be My Lover" was playing when I took this picture ... you know the part 'slam your body down and WIND IT ALL AROUND' - Suzanne is demonstrating the move that goes with that part of the song.
We headed out Thursday afternoon, got to Alma's house late that night, and lounged around for a little bit Friday morning. My sisters & I took a little jog (I wish AZ had the same weather as California - it was so nice) - then after jogging we countered the exercise when we ended up at the donut shop somehow. But "all we got was 1 donut hole and split it". That's what Auburn told my mom anyway. Ha ha. Next was pedicures, lunch at Mario's, and shopping at Huntington. (Such a typical day for us when we get to go to Newport.)
Friday night everyone ate out together at El Torito (mmm). Just like every time before, someone told the waiters it was my Grandma's birthday (her b-day is really in December). She was caught off-guard, like always!
She's so cute and such a good sport about it!

This picture doesn't include everyone that was on the trip but dang it, we never took a picture with everyone!
After dinner we headed over to Balboa to get some frozen yogurt. It was my first time to try Tutti Frutti and it was really good! I have to say I'm not obsessed with it like Suzanne is - but it was definately worth the trip. That night we went back to the house and played "Loaded Questions" with everyone... good times! Then after that some of us played the i-pod "name that tune" game again - it was a late night!

Saturday morning we went to the Orange County Swap Meet. As you can tell, trips like this are all about the food. At the swap meet we enjoyed churros, ice cream, cinnamon rolls, carnitas, and lemonade. FYI we spent most of the day there... that's how we fit in all the food items that we couldn't leave without.
Saturday night we went to California Pizza Kitchen.
We missed the girls that had to leave early and aren't in these pictures!

And Sunday we headed home after getting a picture with my Grandma! She was so happy to have us all together last weekend. The night we got there she was beaming, SO excited when we got to the house. I loved seeing her so happy!
I live for weekends like this, seriously! When Christmas was over this was my next big thing to look forward to. Now what? I had so much fun being with my family... I owe a BIG thanks to a few people:
*My MOM for the trip - it was a Christmas gift she gave to my sisters and I.
*Lance for watching Noah when I was gone. I knew he was having so much fun and "partying" all weekend, which allowed me to have fun and not worry about him being sad and wanting me.
*Aunt Alma for allowing us to stay at her house. It's perfect and so fun to be in the same house with everyone.
'Til next time!