Flashback Friday

I'm about to totally embarrass myself...

In honor of me going "back to school" (just online classes... but still!) this week, I'm posting these oldies but goodies - first day of school pictures!!

If I wore this outfit on the first day of school, I obviously thought it looked good. What was I thinking? Clown shorts sinched at the waist and rolled up at the bottom! That's nothing compared to this next picture though.... I could make a long list of things wrong with my outfit:

1) The tucked in shirt
2) The rolled up sleeves on the shirt
3) The fact that the tan-colored shirt doesn't go with white shorts AT ALL
4) The shorts are pulled up waaaaaaay too high
5) The "boots" with shorts
6) The gym socks with the boots

The list could go on and on and on.

Oh yeah, and where were flat irons back then?


Future Feuders

We auditioned for Family Feud and made it!!! I'm probably gonna have a nervous stomach ache from now until the time the taping is over. Same with my mom and sisters, but we're excited to get a free trip to California out of it. Winning some $$$$$$$$ would just be an added little bonus!


End of Summer / Start of School

My family's 'staycation' was at Wet & Wild... over-rated if you ask me, but we still had fun.

Noah started school! He was so excited and enjoyed it... I was so relieved! But... since when is my son a big kid? I'm glad he didn't get sad when I left him there but it just shows that he's not my baby anymore.

(Go Devils)