Kids say the funniest things!

*Last night we read “Just in case you ever wonder” by Max Lucado for FHE and had a little talk about Heaven. Afterward Noah said “Mom when we go to heaven I want to sit by you.” I just got tears in my eyes typing that. It was so sweet!

*On Saturday I found a scorpion on the wall in our house and my on-call exterminator wasn’t home (Scott, you’re busted!). I called Suzanne to see if she would come over and get it. She refused, but put me on speaker so her and my mom could give me some moral support. (My mom is the best and was serious about coming over to get it for me even though she’s probably just as scared as me.) Anyway as I’m on the phone with them I said “I wish I could think of another guy to call to come and get this”. (I was meaning someone in my neighborhood.) So anyway I did get the scorpion finally but my point is that about 45 minutes later, we were in the car and Noah said “Mom, you wish you could call that guy you went on a date with to come and get the scorpion, hah?”

*Speaking of going on dates - a few weeks ago we were shopping at Old Navy and I picked up this pair of shoes. For some reason Noah said “Mom, you want to get those shoes so you can go on a date with Jason? (He’s talking about The Bachelor Jason.)

*Noah got new primary teachers a few weeks ago and I couldn’t remember what their names were. This past Sunday as we were getting ready for church I asked Noah if he remembered their names. He said, “Mom, it’s a woman and a man”. I was cracking up - since when does he use the word WOMAN?

*About a month ago I was getting ready for bed really late and was putting some pajamas on Noah. I tried to do it as he was sleeping but he woke up and stayed wide awake until I went to bed. I said “We’re saying really short prayers tonight” and Noah said back, “Mom, just pray for the missionaries”. When I was done with my prayer, Noah said his and the ONLY thing he prayed for was “Please bless that my mom will get married soon.” Desperado! (both of us)

*A few weeks ago I got mad at Noah and threatened him with who knows what… he started crying and saying “Mom, I care about you!

I love my Noah boy. He makes every day happy for me!


Last weekend

With President’s Day being this past Monday, I had the day off. I LOVE short work weeks (until pay day comes of course). It was a fun day… my mom, my sisters, and all the kids in our family met up at Auburn’s house with our bikes. (My license plate doesn't match the rest because my old matching one had to be replaced with one that said Noah... but I'm hoping to get a new matching plate for my bike soon.)

From there we rode over to Discovery Park, and had some fun…

Props to everyone who was brave enough to go down these hills, including all the kids except Roxy. Auburn told me that Noah even went down the “whoop-de-woos” on Jaxen’s bike a few weeks ago - it’s funny that my 4 year old is a lot braver than me! I went down a few times but was braking for most of the time - it might have something to do with a crash on my bike from my childhood (going down the cement hill in Harmony Park for all my old neighbors that know what I’m talking about)!

Anyway it was a perfect day outside for a bike ride. Too bad both me and Auburn’s cheap bikes had to be rescued by Bryan - good thing we were all ready to take turns going for a jog. It’s just a matter of time before Suzanne’s tires pop too - we all got our bikes for about $70 at Sam’s Club a few years ago - and we’ve been told a few times that “you get what you pay for”. Sad, but true.
The bike ride / jog was nice, the park was fun, lunch at Long John Silvers / Taco Bell was yummy, the weather was perfect, and the company was even better than all that! My family is the best!
I’m excited for ANOTHER short work week coming up real soon… cuz we’re going going back back to CALI and I can’t wait!


Brad turns 20 today!

I kind of quit doing birthday shout outs on my blog but I had to for Brad's 20th birthday. Not because he ever sees my blog - but because I am so proud of what he's doing and wanted to share these cute pictures...

This is a couple that Brad has been teaching the gospel to in Brazil. Their names are Fabio and Samara, and Brad has said that they are like his best friends, and obviously they LOVE him too - they named their cat "Sherwood" after him.

Brad baptized Fabio and Samara either last night or he will be tonight I think... but first they had to get married. So this is them on their wedding day. Brad helped it all happen as you can see. He was there to sign the documents and I'm sure he helped pay for it like missionaries usually do in missions like where Brad is serving.

Brad seems to be really happy right now. He's been through some tough times on his mission and I'm sure there will be more, but the letter he sent a few days ago made me think that he is so happy and loving it. I am so proud of him and the decision he made to serve a mission. He has such a strong testimony and loves the Lord. I love that he is setting a great example for Noah but it scares me how quickly kids grow up. I still remember details about the day Brad was born and when he was a baby. Remembering things that happened 20 years ago makes me feel really old. Before I know it, Noah will be Brad's age and hopefully serving a mission who knows where!! Oh boy that thought scares me - but if Noah turns out like Brad I won't have much to worry about!


Calendar Boards

More new items have been added to our website - I LOVE these products from A la Board - ALL IN ONE dry erase & magnetic calendar boards, not to mention a nice decoration for your home!

Here's an overview of the many options we're offering at She's Got It All:

Weekly Calendar Boards in 2 different styles and 2 different frame colors (black or brown)
Small Monthly Calendar Boards in 2 different styles and 3 different frame colors (black, brown, or cream)

Medium Monthly Calendar Boards in 3 different styles and 3 different frame colors (black, brown, or cream)

The Calendar and Memo Magntic Collection comes in 5 different styles
The Holiday Packages will have your home looking festive for each holiday... here are some examples of the Valentines Package and the Easter Package but there's currently 6 different holiday packages available.

The Color Packages dress up the calendar boards and are cute for year-round display (available in brown, red, and cream).

Also I LOVE these little Heart Magnets... a little late for Valentine's Day but I would keep them up all year long anyway!


Cute Jewelry

We are now carrying Sweet Shoppe Jewelry on our website (www.shesgotitall.net).

Check it all out by clicking here.

*chunky bracelets
*dogtag necklaces
*charm bracelets
*corsage bracelets


Bunco Par-tay!

Last week some friends & I had our first bunco night!

This table was the place to be - the winners' table. I've gotta brag and say that I spent a lot of time there and ended up with the most wins!!!!

(Kristin, Suzanne, & Amber)

(Amy, Vanessa, & Lexi)

(Amber, Kami, & Vanessa - at the "losers' table" if you will - aka my ottoman)
(Cara, Kristin, & Amber in the background - she is so funny)

So Suzanne & I were the hosts for this first time around, and guess who the winners of the night were? Yep - me & Suz! She won for most buncos & as I said I had the most wins. So we took home the prizes we supplied!

We also did a little $5 gift exchange which was fun - Lexi ended up with Bingo cards and in this picture she's scratching off her cards to find she was a $10 winner!
Vanessa ended up with a calendar that had pictures of Christ - now could these 2 gifts be any more opposite? (Lexi the gambler & Vanessa the spiritual one of the group). We had so much fun! I don't know why we've waited so long to start up this group. Staying up sooooo late with friends and getting only about 3.5 hours of sleep that night was well worth it! My cheeks literally hurt from laughing so much. I love hanging out with my friends and I can't wait til the next time!