You know you want one!

I'm just at work advertising one of my favorite items from She's Got It All (again). I love these clipboards. You can click here to view them on our website & see all of the cute prints available. They come in 2 different sizes. We ordered a TON of the cutest prints to have at our Summer boutique. (Saturday, August 25th) These clipboards will be marked down in price at our boutique, along with every other item there. I'll post more details soon!


Scrapbooking made easier

I love to scrapbook, but I just finished making this digital scrapbook at shutterfly, and I can't wait to get it in the mail! I usually print my pictures with them. Last month I received an e-mail telling me that I got 50 prints free. There was no small print. I ordered 101 prints and yes, 50 of them were free! I could have ordered ONLY 50 and they still would have been free. That was so exciting! Then I also got an e-mail telling me I could make a 8x8 photo book for free, so I did. All I had to pay was the shipping ($6.99). I customized every single page - the layout, background, # of pictures, text, colors, font.... it was really fun. It's not like me to use ORANGE but I love the color combo! Scrapbooking just became a little easier - I admit not AS cute as you can make a real scrapbook, but much less time is involved! I recommend using SHUTTERFLY to print your digital pictures because they are an awesome company that rewards their customers for their business!
{I should be their spokeswoman}


Swimming Lessons / Come Back A Man!

(for those of you who have read Suzanne's post with all of the 16 Candles quotes, I think we forgot that one) You like the skulls on the goggles?

Noah finished swimming lessons a month ago but yesterday I got back the pictures I finally printed of his lessons. I was reminded of how funny some of these pictures are. He was such a cry baby for the first half of the session, but did really good by the end. He would cry for the whole lesson at the beginning, but then talk about it all day when it was over, like it was fun for him or something. I say "Come Back A Man" because on 16 Candles there is this part where a teenage boy's parents are trying to push him in to the school dance that he doesn't want to go to. I think it's the dad that says "Come Back A Man" as he pushes him in. That's kind of what we had to do to Noah for swimming. He was fine during his turns but such a baby when he knew his turn was coming up.

This picture must be one of the last lessons of the session because he is excited to dive off the diving board!

Nervous boyfriend! This was so funny - there was the cutest little girl named Ruby in his class. He kept scooting real close to her then putting his arm around her like a nervous boyfriend. She didn't like it. She would get up and move away from him.

I have some cute videos of Ellie & Noah at swim lessons:


Diapees & Wipees

OK, so after my last post I obviously don't need one of these anymore, but I still want one for myself. They are so handy & cute - my She's Got It All "favorite item of the week". They are called DIAPEES & WIPEES - and they hold 2-4 diapers along with a travel pack of wipes. We just added them to our site - click here to see ALL of the fabric choices, but these are a few of my favorites:

By the way, we will be having our summer boutique / trunk show on Saturday, August 25th. You know that I'll be blogging about that soon. These Diapees & Wipees will be one of many many items there.


Bitter Sweet...

This is my little "bee-bee" with what used to be his essential items: binky, blankets, & sippy. We seriously could not go anywhere without these things. But then a few months ago, he stuffed his blankets (old gross burp rags) behind my headboard & hasn't ever asked me to get them - so I'm not going to. Sometimes he looks back there and sees them but I guess he doesn't miss them. Within that same week we did away with binkies. I already can't remember how but I think 1 of them was chewed on so much that there was nothing left for him to suck on, and then I told him the other ones were lost.

Anyway, my little boy is not a BABY anymore - it actually makes me pretty sad. I still love to cuddle with him and try to hold him & talk to him like a baby. But he usually gives me this look like "what are you doing?" and squirms out of my arms.

He's wearing underwear!
It has been 8 days now since I started potty training Noah. My niece Ellie has tried to potty train him many times before (even though she's only 7 months older), but I just wasn't ready to deal with it. I guess Noah was because as soon as I decided to just do it & get it over with, he did so good! A few weeks ago on a Saturday night I was changing a diaper & I said, none of the boys in your nursery class go poop in their diapers. They all wear underwear. Immediately he wanted underwear and not diapers, especially because he knew the next morning he'd be going to nursery. I didn't want to start on a Sunday and have a mess to clean up at church, and Monday I was going to work, so I held off until Tuesday. Like I said - it's been 8 days and he has only had 1 accident. He peed in his pants, and before I even knew it, he took off his shorts & underwear, and came to me and said "I want a bath". So that's a good sign that he doesn't like what it feels like when he has an accident. I dread dealing with the other kind of accident but let's just hope he continues to do as good as he has so far. So far I feel really lucky with how potty training is going!
So the point of my BITTER SWEET post is that I miss having a baby but I don't miss changing diapers!


Cool Pictures

I got an e-mail a few days ago with some really cool pictures. Instead of forwarding the e-mail, I thought I would just post the pictures on my blog.

holding the sun:
edge of a hurricane:
fire starter:
amazing cloud formation:
the lights in the world (taken from space):
not a good day for surfing: this one is a really cool picture:
only in China:

only in Hawaii:
only in India (SICK!):
only in Thailand:
only in Texas:
only in America:


SGIA item of the week

As I said in one of my earlier posts, I am going to create a link to a favorite She's Got It All item every week, and spotlight that item (or itemS) on my blog. This week it is furniture. We have tons of furniture options - from 2 different companies (Stanley/Young America, or John Boyd-Notting Hill). If you click here, you can narrow your search down to the type of furniture you're looking for.

FYI: When you look at the Stanley Furniture, you'll see THEIR prices. The price through us is 40% OFF of their price. Our prices on John Boyd furniture is 40-50% off retail prices, and we will always try to price match in case you see it cheaper somewhere else.

Also, some people are not aware that we sell NURSERY furniture and more for kids, youth, & teens from Young America (Stanley Furniture's line for kids' bedrooms). Click here to see more. (Our prices are 40% off the prices you see.)

The furniture from our site is obviously one of my favorites because my house is filled with it:

My dining room furniture is probably my favorite (round pedestal table with keyhole chairs).

(John Boyd - Notting Hill entertainment center - many more options available, but I had limited space to work with in my house which is why my bookcases on the side are so skinny!)

We have bedroom furniture for kids in many different colors, sizes, and styles.

(All of the furniture in my house is from the Notting Hill Collection by John Boyd.)

And finally, where I spend the most time in my house.

If you need furniture at a good price, check out She's Got It All!


Hilarious ... 8 idiots!

This video is hilarious! Especially #2 and the best is #8.


what I've been up to

1) Working! If you didn't notice, I added some She's Got It All links down the sidebar. I'm going to update it weekly with one of my favorite SGIA items! (Make sure you click on the CONTEST link, to participate in this month's contest - a Father's Day contest! You could win a $25.00 gift certificate.

2) Babysitting! Well, we only did this for about 3.5 hours last night but it was so fun! Steve's sister Becky let us take care of Burkley & he was the best boy. It was so much fun for me (& Noah too, you can see from the pictures)! Noah loved getting in his face & talking to him. He loved it when I helped him hold Burkley. Isn't Burkley so cute?

3) Blogging of course! I tell myself 'this is the last blog I'm gonna look at, and then I'm walking away'. But then I see a link to someone else's that I want to check out. It never ends. Well today could have been trouble - it got quiet so I thought I better check on Noah. He had rolled the ottoman into the kitchen and used it to boost himself up to the candy jars. Good thing the stove wasn't on or anything!