November Highlights

November has been a GREAT month!

Not so much for the fact that I turned {29} but we've been up to a lot of fun.
And by fun, I mean going out to eat 6 times within 4 days and getting "free dessert" 4 of those times... not to mention my family making my choice of dinner within those same 4 days.

This picture shows how much I love dessert - I forgot to blow out the candle before digging in! A few weeks before my birthday, I told Noah it was coming up. He said he was going to give me his old remote control quad because it was broken. Sure enough, on my birthday he asked me if I could help him wrap something. He went to his toys and pulled out the broken quad and it's remote control. He picked out the black & white wrapping paper because it was "like speed racer flags". So I helped him wrap up his gift to me and then he said "mom don't look inside, k?"
That night we celebrated at my parents' house and Noah brought his present with us. When I opened it up he was so proud, as if my "surprised" reaction really meant that I didn't know what was going to be inside. There he is holding up the broken quad.
I don't have pictures to document my mom's birthday but her's was just 5 days after mine and guess what? We got to go out to dinner AGAIN! I love my mom - she is the best. For her birthday she wanted us all to go to the temple together. Our family is what means the most to her and it shows in everything she does. She serves me every single day and many of my goals in life revolve around being more like her in so many ways.
Next of course was Thanksgiving. It was a fun but exhausting day! Suzanne & I got up early to jog in the neighborhood turkey trot and I am still so sore! Suzanne has been training for a 1/2 marathon & is up to 9 miles. Me on the other hand, I hadn't made time to work out for 2 weeks and it was so HARD keeping up!
We had a small Thanksgiving this year but it was still nice! We definately missed Auburn's family who went out of town - the 'little kid table' looked kind of empty with just Ellie & Noah.
I didn't waste any time getting my house decorated for Christmas. I started Thanksgiving night and finished the next morning. Noah was so excited to help decorate the tree. He's so good about putting all the greens together, all the reds together, and all the icicles together. That's just how things should be in his mind.

So there's a recap of our past few weeks at least. It's been a good couple of weeks and there's even more higlights that I didn't document. ;)

I can't believe it's almost December!


Santa's workshop

A few weeks ago after Sunday dinner, each person in my family cut out a paper "decoration" to send Brad in Brazil. Even my brothers-in-law and all the kids got involved.

The reason I'm posting about it is just to tell a funny story...

As Jaxen was writing on his decoration, he asked Auburn how to spell SANTA so he could write "Santa's Workshop" on it. She told him but then when we wrote it, he mixed up a few letters - so it said "Satan's workshop". How inappropriate to send a missionary! We were all laughing and later Auburn said "I can't get that song out of my head - {and then she started to sing to the tune of "Santa Baby"} - "Satan Baby".

It might be one of those "you had to be there" stories but I thought it was SO funny!


Halloween 2008

Noah was a police officer for the "City of Toyland" (that's what the badges said)

We took the kids to see my Grandma before the actual trick-or-treating began.

My nieces and nephews were all so cute - here they are in character from left to right:
Officer Noah Hunt; Elder Riggs Gibbons; Jax Gibbons of the JACKSonville Jaguars; Ellie Cummard as Shirley Temple; and Roxy Gibbons as Aerial (sp?).
Halloween was lots fun and Noah had a blast trick-or-treating with Ellie in my parents' neighborhood.