Flashback Friday

I don't have much to update my blog with... so I'm jumping on the Flashback Friday bandwagon.

This week the theme revolves around some trips to DisneyWorld since June 1st is just around the corner...

Back in 1996 my family took our first trip there during the "national gay and lesbian" holiday... which is June 1st and was being celebrated at the Disney theme parks. We saw so many people wearing red shirts that read "a day of magic, a night of pleasure". Nasty! But it was a memorable trip... we LOVED the Tower of Terror ride which is what we're on in this picture (we might have been posing). Back then it was just 7 members in our family.

Fast forward exactly 10 years later (2006) ... 16 members in the family and we went back to DisneyWorld. I crack up every time I see this picture. We were all crammed in this van in the hot and humid Florida weather. Good times! We were like sardines, but you gotta say it "sardine-yuz". This pic only shows half of the family but we ALL had matching red shirts on, in honor of the holiday - it was actually really nice to spot each other throughout the day and nobody got lost.

And just for the fun of it here's a REALLY old pic of us at Disneyland. We were so young!
It's that time of year where I'm itching to go somewhere - I need to get out of town and a theme park is sounding really fun!!


I love things like this:

For Mother's Day Noah made me a book at preschool. I loved the answers he gave to the following questions:

My mom really loves to: KISS ME


My mom and I like to: GO TO GRANDMA'S

My mom is beautiful because: SHE WEARS DRESSES

My mom is 29 years old

Noah's answers were all right on! I really do love to kiss his cheeks; his job while I clean the house is to pull the weeds; we spend most of our time at "grandma's"; he always tells me "Mom you look cute" when I'm getting ready for church (I guess he likes me in dresses); and unfortunately he was right about my age too.


Graduation Week

We attended 3 graduation ceremonies this week.

First up, Ellie and Noah graduated from "Grandma Cheryl's" preschool!

This was Noah's 6th grade "buddy" that helped him at preschool.

Grandma Cheryl is really Ellie's grandma but Noah claims her as one of his too!

Next up... Ellie and Noah graduated from Ms. Rebeccah's preschool.

They sang all their songs for us with the actions and all!

Each student got to talk in the microphone and tell what their favorite part about preschool was. All the kids were saying "water day" so I thought for sure that Noah would say the same thing. Nope! He got up there and said that his favorite part was when they went to Krispy Kreme. Him and I must be related!

Ms. Rebeccah was the best! Ellie and Noah loved her and she put so much time into making preschool so fun for them. Ms. Lauren was the assistant and Noah loved her too.

And finally... Alisse graduated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She looked so cute and did a great job on her speech at the ceremony.

I've gotta mention that Scott graduated too (so cool for both of them to be DONE with school)!

We just didn't attend any graduation ceremonies for Scott - ASU = too hot and crowded! Here's Noah acting like a teenager at Alisse's graduation. He was a little booger, LITERALLY!!! Not only did he act like one, but he has a wart on his nose and Alisse's classmate came up to him and told him "you have a booger on your nose". I couldn't stop laughing. Then Auburn kept calling him "boogs" and I really couldn't stop laughing.
Noah was NOT a happy boy as you can tell by this picture. It makes me laugh though.

To celebrate Alisse's graduation - we had a fun day on Friday that included laying out, driving to Scottsdale just to get some yummy SPRINKLES cupcakes, working on some crafts, and BOOT CAMP as seen in the picture below. We really did work out hard to treat ourselves to those cupcakes! Even Ellie and Noah got in on the action.
CONGRATS to Ellie and Noah, but especially ALISSE AND SCOTT!!!!!!! What a great accomplishment to graduate from college! They've gotta be loving life right now.


Swing batter batter, SWING!

Noah the gymnast

Last weekend Noah got to participate in the "preschool show" at USA's mini-meet. It was fun to see what he's been learning with his favorite coaches, Aunt Auburn & Aunt Suzy.

That night we went to a benefit concert and got to watch Ellie perform with her dance team, as well as see the Phoenix Suns Gorilla show us some great tricks! It was a fun day!

Pretty proud of myself!

A couple weeks ago I did Pat's Run with my good friend Vanessa. I set the goal to do this back in September, started training for it in January - and dreaded it more and more as it got closer... but it turned out really fun! I can't believe how many people were there - over 20,000 I heard. The actual race was a lot easier than training for it was - I kept thinking "if that person can do this, so can I"! And of course it was fun to be running with a big crowd of people.

Here's proof that I finished! I outlined myself - like I said I'm pretty proud that I actually did it!

And, the results... exactly in the middle of what my goal time was and what I guessed I would do!

I kept telling myself that once this race was done, so was I with running in events like this - and the 4.2 miles was the most I could ever do! But I think I might challenge myself and set a goal for the fall when the weather cools off. Thanks Vanessa for a fun time!