100 stickers!

Like I said on my previous post, I did a reward chart for Noah. It took him 6 weeks to fill it up but 100 stickers aren't easy to earn when you're a 3-year-old boy! I'm so proud of him. It was so fun to let him put the last few stickers on. As soon as he did, we headed over to KB toy store (in the mall).
I had store credit that covered part of the cost, so I gave that and some cash to Noah for him to keep in his pocket.
He was like a "big boy" paying for his own scooter.
Noah was so happy - skipping through the mall on our way over to the toy store. As we walked in, he told the worker "I'm getting my own scooter". On the way out of the mall - he was telling everyone that he had his own scooter now so he didn't have to ride Ellie's "pink girl princess" scooter. I couldn't wait to put his new scooter to use - as soon as we got home, I changed my clothes to go jogging outside (doing it on my treadmill gets pretty boring & stuffy) - I was excited for Noah to have a way to keep up. Too bad he started crying to go home after only 4 minutes.

He really does love his new scooter though - it's gone everywhere with us for the past few days but I'm actually not sure who's house it's at right now - uh oh!


Time for a new post?

We've been busy lately but don't have much to show for it! Here's a recap of our past couple of weeks - nothing too exciting.

We took Noah to a D-Backs game and he loved it!

Noah's been working on filling up this chart so he can get his very own "blue scooter". We started this about 6 weeks ago and it's worked pretty well for bribing him when he's naughty. It's also helped me to remember to reward him (with stickers) when he's good. I purposely kept a blank row on the bottom all week long, because Noah had a talk in church today and I wanted him to know that if he did his talk like we practiced all week, I'd put 10 stickers on the bottom and go to the store tomorrow to buy him a scooter. (FYI, he didn't say one word of the talk that he memorized - instead I gave the whole talk AND held him like a baby the whole time - so we're still working on earning stickers for the scooter.)
Last weekend I had a slumber party at my house! Auburn's 3 kids and Ellie came - the kids probably think I'm the meanest aunt now. I took all of them except Ellie to the mall, Toys R Us, and Cold Stone. I wish I could just relax more and let kids be kids but I was constantly telling somebody "NO!" I love my nieces and nephews and hope they'll forgive me for being the wicked witch that night!
This is me & Noah on Mother's Day. I love being a mom and I love my mom too! (and I love being spoiled at church with yummy, yummy cheesecake on Mother's Day)
I'm the biggest wimp when it comes to spiders or bugs - especially SCORPIONS! I've found a few in my house and usually call Scott (my brother - in - law that lives a few houses away) to come get them. If he's at work or school, I usually just trap the bug and ask him to come by when he gets home. Well the other morning I was getting ready for work and spotted something on my carpet (since I stare at the ground when I walk). I turned on the lights and trapped it with a cup - then got a bigger cup for extra protection and set a book on top to keep the cups from tipping over. I had Scott come over after work and what he found under the cup was a toy from Noah's pirate ship. He just laughed and set it on my bed. That night I was folding clothes and as I went to set the clothes on my bed, I freaked out for a second because I saw the toy - and AGAIN I thought it was a scorpion. I know I'm paranoid, but it looked a lot like one!
Friday night was heavenly! We went to Krispy Kreme and I got to have a warm donut like I've been craving ever since Krispy Kreme shut down a year or two ago! (Ellie & Noah looked so cute in their hats.)
We got to Krispy Kreme around 9:00 or 10:00 on Friday night and it was so crowded - a long line inside AND a long line of cars at the drive-thru! We went in to get a free sample like they used to do, but I don't think they are doing that anymore - at least I didn't see any samples being handed out. Dang it!


Party Pictures!

The big party was a lot of fun, but we're glad it's over. Here's some of my favorite pictures:

Jill's cupcake set up - so so cute!

And the way she packaged the cupcakes - I kept my empty box for a few days (after the cupcakes were gone) just because I didn't want to throw it away. Finally I had to throw it away because it made me crave (THE BEST) cupcakes every time I saw it on my counter.

This is what caused SLEEP DEPRIVATION for the 4 days before the party. Suzanne & I stayed up late every night for 3 nights before the party - cause we had something in mind and just HAD to follow through with it. I don't think either of us will be making cupcake pops again any time soon since we made over 200 for the party - and it took FOREVER!! (recipe & instructions can be found on our project ideas page here)

I have to admit - they turned out really cute and tasted really good!

Suzanne made the cutest HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner and it was perfect for the party!
Another PERFECT decoration for our party - a REAL giant-sized cupcake!

Partners for life!! (business partners that is)

(Thanks Alisse for being our photographer - your camera came just in time for your first job.)

There are so many people that I can't thank enough for all the help they were with the party and taking care of Noah while I was so busy - I know I'm leaving people out, but here's a start - Mom & Dad, Auburn, Lance, Alisse & Scott, Diana, Crystal, Alma.... and of course thanks to all of you - the blogger nation, for coming to the party. We had a lot of fun!

We still have some of our BOUTIQUE-EXCLUSIVE items left for sale that you can't find on our website. Here's a few - and don't forget about your MOMS & TEACHERS as this Sunday is Mother's Day and it's the end of the school year!

Cali Girl $32
Spring Fling (fuscia) $32
Spring Fling (pink) $32
Smarties $32
Cheers $45

Event $32
Pin-Up Girl (white with black) $43

Pin-Up Girl (black with white) $43

Pin-Up Girl (white with red) $43

(We also have some apothecary jars (4 different styles) for sale at really good prices... I'll have to do another post to get that picture up!)

OF COURSE, this apron came in just a few days too late... but it's the cutest thing! A cupcake apron with sleeves and a matching one for your daughter or grand-daughter! It will be added to our website soon. I love it!


Everyone is invited!

spring purses * trendy tees and caps * jewelry
hair accessories * home decor * baby items
{the best} cupcakes * gifts for teachers and mother's day
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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
It's been one year since She's Got It All made it's online debut -
so we're having our first birthday party.
Click here for more details and we hope to see you there!