sorry this video clip is sideways - I have no idea how to fix it. I was trying to get Noah to say his full name on tape today. Instead he proved my point about being a monkey (see "who are we" on the right side of my blog). I promise I didn't tell him what to say. I was laughing because he was pooping during the taping. It reeked (sp?) afterward!


Loving It!

I love watching The Bachelor & the best moment of this season so far was last night, when Andy gave the last rose to ......... NOT STEPHANIE; SOUTH CAROLINA!!!

Every season there's a girl that is really annoying, and this season it of course was her. Usually the annoying girl makes some type of comment like this:
"Jealous Girls - STORY OF MY LIFE" Stephanie; S.C.

It's the best to see what people like her have to say when they're eliminated. The only reason she got that first rose
was because she asked Andy about it, and I think he felt awkward so he gave it to her. Then by default she got that first one-on-one date with him. She was way too full of herself! YAY! No more buggers.


A Few Things About Me...

It's late & I work tomorrow, but I took a nap today so this justifies not getting in bed yet (I know I can't fall to sleep easily when I take naps.) Anyway, I saw a cute blog post from someone that I don't even know, and it gave me an idea for a post. She had little tabs you could click on to see her answers. The tabs said: WHAT I'M READING; WHERE I'M GOING; SOMETHING I WANT; SOMETHING I NEED; & SOMETHING I LOVE. I thought that would be fun to copy!

1) What I'm reading - well my first thought was blogs, and I mean everyone's blogs. Blogs of people I don't know - which is how I found this idea. But then I was so proud when I remembered that I really did finish reading a book about one week ago . It was really good and reminded me that I'm not perfect, just like other people aren't, and we need to forgive others' sins as if they are Jesus' sins - if we can't forgive, it's like we are telling Jesus that we can't forgive Him because he has already taken everyone's sins upon him. It is called The Peacegiver.

1) Where I'm going - ONLINE May 1st. That's right, one week!! If you go to our website (click below), you will see our under construction page up for the next week. Until then you can register your name on our mailing list (if you haven't already). We're gonna have special contests & coupons... for people on our mailing list. We (Suzanne & I) have been working for this forEVER so May 1st is gonna be a great day for us!! We're taking a little break from late nights (unless the blogging keep us up - it might!)

3) Something I want - a Yukon for sure, the color is that champagne looking color, and of course nice rims needed. I do need to say that I like the car I have and it fits my needs just fine, especially since I only have 1 kid. But I would be on cloud 9 if this was my car. I know there's people out there that have a lot less than me, so I feel a little bratty - like my car isn't good enough. I really do like my current car, but everyone has a dream car, right?

4) Something I need - to be getting on my treadmill more often. I have been doing really good on my new year's goal, but it's just not cutting it. I have to do more, or more of something else. Everyone knows that I'm not gonna diet - I would get fatter that way from BINGE eating. I binge eat as soon as we break our fast each month. I have to eat everything that had been looking good to me throughout the day, before I eat the meal. (Somebody's obsessed with food.) I think that for me, 27 years old must be the magical number for loosing your metabolism. It stinks! My next little section might explain some of the extra pounds. But I'm not giving it up - I just need to do the treadmill more.

5) Something I love - this picture is great. I love Noah & I love cookie dough. I was really proud of myself last week at Costco when I didn't pick up the cookie dough carton and put it in my cart. It was so tempting though. Noah has learned from me that cookie dough is way better than the cookies it makes. Basically I love all junk food, but especially sweets. One of my favorite desserts is Oregano's pazookie because the cookie part tastes so much like dough. I still love when my mom makes cookie dough, and I get to lick the kitchen-aid mixer thing. The other day I was making something in the kitchen & Noah knew just when I was done - he came in running to ask me if he could have it (the mixer things). I let him take it outside and eat it at his picnic table. He was in heaven.

This Week In Pictures

Naughty Mommy!

OK how can I keep Noah busy while I attempt my first blog post?

Lots of cereal, Micky Mouse Clubhouse, any other ideas?

Oh yeah, he likes to line things up. Let's get

his cars out & then he can entertain himself for a while.

In the meantime, Steve calls & asks Shalae if she is leaving the house soon. She says "Yeah", not really paying attention to the question, since she's on the computer. She's sub-conciously thinking that he's asking if she is going to leave the house TODAY, NOT SOON! Steve says, "Oh, I was just out on a delivery with one of the drivers, and we're about 10 minutes away from the house. I wanted to bring the semi by to show Noah. I was like CRAP! I'm still in my pajamas (Noah too). It was about noon and my house looked like a bomb because I was letting Noah help himself to everything in his toy closet. I was too worried about getting my first post done, and having it look good. So I told Steve to come anyway and I jumped up & put some clothes on. I cleaned up the bomb faster that I knew I was capable to do. Once it was all clean we opened the garage right in time to see the semi truck pull up right in front of our house. Noah ran back inside because he was scared of the noise. Then when he realized Steve was in it, he was all about getting up inside. The driver of the truck told me to get a picture. So here it is below - Not a great one to see Steve & Noah.

Later on that day Noah would hear a sound outside & say "Mama, they comin back?" He used to think that Steve went to work to play 'backet-ball', now he thinks Steve goes to work to drive big trucks. That night at dinner I showed Steve the blog & explained that my life is not like that every day (In our pajamas with a messy house at noon). He was like, "Yeah, first you said you were leaving the house soon - then you were still in your pajamas! " (Just bloggin away)


Let me introduce ourselves!

If you're on our blog, you probably already know us - but I have to admit that I've looked at people's blogs that I don't even know. So this is our little family - we'll reveal more about ourselves as we post more, but for now I thought I'd share one of my latest obsessions. If you go to www.myheritage.com, there is a feature there that allows you to upload a picture, and then it recognizes faces from the picture and tells you what celebrities you resemble. A couple of weeks ago, I was curious so I sat at my computer & uploaded picture after picture. Every time I did a new one, I laughed out load & called Steve into the office to see the results. It is addicting, just like this blogging thing is. I did my entire family, and of course the 3 of us. It was fun to see which celebrities showed up more than once for the same person. I'm posting SOME of the results. I obviously picked funny ones, and some that I was really proud of!
Steve's celebrity look-a-likes:
Shalae's celebrity look-a-likes: (I wish!)
Noah's celebrity look-a-likes: