da na na na na na...

You say it's your birthday... Da na na na na na... It's my birthday too...

Hey Jude...

(I know that this picture is at the dance & not in the car - but I couldn't find a picture of the scene of Sam & Farmer Ted in the car when he sings that).

Anyway, Happy Birthday Alisse!(Since she was the best SAMANTHA BAKER DAVIS JR. for Halloween this past year, I had to use a special introduction for her birthday post! Just look at the pictures below - it was exact!!)

I won't post any embarrasing pictures of Alisse since she didn't do that to me on my birthday - so Alisse, you can thank me later for leaving cottage overboard off of this post.

Some of my favorite pictures / things about Alisse:

*Alisse is a great sister - Here's 3 SMOKIN HOT LADIES (don't be fooled - we do have one more sister but she's not in this picture and she doesn't have a blog - at least not anymore!)

*Alisse is fun to hang out with even if we're just being stupid or acting gay, as seen below (literally). This was us in Hawaii 8 years ago and I still remember taking this picture. I was laughing so hard that I probably peed my pants. Auburn & I were a couple, and Suzanne & Alisse were a couple - we took these "Prom" pictures at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

*Alisse was there in the delivery room when Noah was born. I don't know if she thinks that was such a good thing for her to witness for the first time - but I appreciated the support I felt by her being there.*Alisse is so photogenic, and she was one of the prettiest brides.

*Alisse is a great babysitter and she volunteers to watch Noah ALL THE TIME even though he's not the easiest kid to be in charge of! If you ever read her blog, you know what I mean - she loves kids and is always babysitting. She'll realize when she's a mom - just how nice that is to have someone volunteer to take a (sometimes sweet and sometimes not) boy off your hands!

*Alisse lives just 4 houses away from me and it's very convenient sometimes - her & Scott have been a great help to me in some crisis situations including 1) smashing a spider & 2) letting me rush Noah over to their house when I've had to go somewhere without him. It was also pretty convenient when we stayed out really late for a GNO and I didn't want to go into my house alone at 2:30am so she went in with me to get my essentials, and then we walked to her house so I could just sleep over there and walk home the next morning. What a lifesaver!

*Alisse is always doing service for other people. I feel like I'm always the one on the receiving end but I notice that I'm not the only one. She always thinks of other people before herself.

*Alisse is really good at whatever she does. She's in the sign language program and she practices, studies, and teaches other people so that she can be pro someday (it seems to me like she already is).

*Alisse is a good listener. There have been times in the past few months where I will be talking to her about something and all of the sudden I realize "why I am talking about this or what even brought it up?" But it feels good to have someone to listen to you without feeling judged, and Alisse is great for that!

Thanks for being a great bee-bee sister Alisse, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I you!


Stephanie said...

alisse is a lucky girl to have you for a sister, too, shalae. what a nice post. and great job with the ♥s!

{alisse t} said...


You know I'M DYING!!!

First and fore most, THANK YA KINDLY for leaving cottage overboard for our eyes only. Do you seriously have that picture somewhere? It needs to be destroyed!

And THANK YA KINDLY x2 for leaving off the majority of ugly pictures you have of me that I know you probably really, really wanted to post!! When it was your bday, I just remember Justin Timberlake singing "What goes around, comes around, goes around, on it's way back around!" Oh, and YOU'RE WELCOME KINDLY for getting that song stuck in your head.

This was such a nice post! But really, everything you said nice about me, I was thinking, "yeah right, that's Shalae!" Like listening, prettiest bride, hangin' out being stupid (watch out patrol), etc etc!!


bettina said...

what a cute post! happy bday alisse!

Suzanne Cummard said...

Cracking up!!!

We are so SUZ & SHAE!

Cottage Overboard, PROM picture (different pics even), and so many others.

That was great. I love all of these things about our BEE-BEE sista, too.
BUT, I am sure your the favorite... as always.

Have a good one Alisse. I know you really loved me & Elles singing so BEAUTIFUL for you today!! (Wiping a tear) Ellie is following the footsteps! HA HA HA

Missy said...

I SWEAR to you I didn't even see your post before I commented on Alisse's Blog yesterday with the same 16 CANDLES Birthday Song (sung by Farmer Ted)...SO FUNNY!!! Great minds think alike...right? We really need to have a 16 party. I loved all the things you said about your sis, Alisse is da'bomb, I love her!

Becky said...

what a sweet post! hope you had a great birthday alisse!!!

chris & amber said...

Happy belated bday, Alisse! I think it's fair enough to say that she is a lot like her mother! So sweet, generous and loving!